.45 ACP and .30-06 Weapon Patch A21

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This is a mod that makes the “.45 ACP Weapons Pack” and “.30-06 Weapons” mod created by Izayo compatible with the alpha 21. (In addition, the AK47 from the ‘7.62 Gun Pack’ is also opened up.)

At the start of play I faced a problem with the new alpha version that kept wearing errors, so I started checking the files and found the problem.

If you want to use the AK-47 open mod, download the original mod from here.

Tested with Alpha 21.1 b30.


Download and install it as you would a normal mod, and paste it into the ‘Mods’ file.

The patch has not been authorised by the individual and will be removed if objected to.


Credits: Niboshi12, Izayo

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11 thoughts on “.45 ACP and .30-06 Weapon Patch A21

  1. Wondering what the spawn rate is for the ammo. Most Izayo mods drop 5.56 almost immediately (day 1), but I have yet to find any .45ACP or 30.06, is this normal (day 13)? Is there a level list for ammo drops because I have already found .45 weapons on loot but no ammo (I can craft .45 & 30.06 ammo and buy from traders)?

    1. Replying to my own comment. The ammo can only be Crafted or Purchased.

      The above link contains 2 modified XML files for this mod and makes 45ACP and 30.06 spawn in random look containers. All Credit to JustBlackWolf.

      To install, make sure this Weapon Pack is installed first. Then simply unzip the new Folders into your 7d2d Mods directory. steamapps > common > 7DaysToDie > Mods

      This will replace certain files in this weapon pack to make the ammo lootable. All credit to JustBlackWolf for this wonderfull XML change.

  2. Mod clashes with my MD-500 Helicopter mod for some reason. When I place the chopper, the console goes red and gives a constant error message and I cant exit the game. It also loads about 8-10 errors when I launch a saved game. Great mod, but needs some work.

  3. Hi, it is giving 8 errors ‘parent folder not found’ for a location of ‘Data/bundles/other/items’ on the .45 APC mod. seems it has a linked path or item that is now changed/removed in A21. kindly please help

    1. I mean its a stolen mode, don’t see that Izayo gave permission so its prob botched. Make sure to backup saves and scan with anti virus before you even risk using it.

      1. I think stolen is a strong word. I appreciate people that try to bring mods that mod authors have not had the time to update, to the rest of the community. It’s not going to work perfectly, for some it may not work at all…. but I acknowledge the effort and the option nonetheless. It’s been a long time and no update from Izayo; he didn’t have to do this.

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