Non Script Radios Video Games V1.0

7 days to die non script radios video games, 7 days to die sound mod

Some of you asked me for fallout music…so why not? This mod add 3 more radios, portable and placeable anywhere whitout the need of electricity. Also lowered volume beacuse maybe i am a little deaf (XD). This radios are craftables in workbench, able to pick up and repair.

The music choice was: Radio Fallout with fallout 3,4 music; Radio Doom with a Doom eternal mix and Radio Metal Gear with some of their beatiful vocal themes.



If you appreciate nobody (peronperon)’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

Credits: nobody (peronperon)

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9 thoughts on “Non Script Radios Video Games V1.0

  1. Just wanted to say thank you on actually making this a mod, not sure if i commented under your mod but i did suggest it and im very grateful for you making this mod (:

  2. The volume is still way too LOUD, as I can clearly hear it ouside of my base walls. I hated Doom, and Metal Gear and play 7 Days to Die as it’s better than Fallout even though it has no plot. You had your chance to get it right, life is too short, bye now (Un-installed).

      1. No silly, they all turned into zombies … I had to kill them all, or just the ones attracted to this awful loud radio music. The others I let live … I use Tazer rounds so it’s easy.

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