Telric’s Animal Husbandry

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This mod adds in 36 animals to raise as your own. Find them in the wild, or purchase them from the traders to start raising, breeding, and butchering them for resources.

Animals have three growth stages: baby, young, and adult. Each animal has it’s own growth rate. Keeping an animal fed will increase this rate, allowing your animals to grow even faster.

Upon growing into an adult, the animals will be able to mate, as long as there is a male and a female within a small radius area around each other. Each animal has it’s own mating rate as well. Once the female is pregnant, craft yourself some sterile gloves of that animal species and left click to get your own baby. Place it on the ground to see whether it will be male or female, and start the raising process all over again.

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Read the in game journal entries for a few handy notes on how this mod works.

Does not require restart. Tested and works with Alpha 19.5 b60.


Reduced the volume of the gender reveal sound. Fixed bears (they the wrong tag so they couldn’t eat carnivore food). Telric reduced the mating speed a bit, but it will always be random. As each animal has it’s own mating rate, it’s all variable based on the animal, but in the code, it randomly rolls a number between 0 and 200, if there is a male near a female. This happens every second. If that number happens to be below the animal’s mating rate (for instance, the bear has 8 rate), it will trigger being pregnant and allow you to get a baby. What he has done is just increase the timer on that buff from 1 second to 3 seconds, meaning it should happen, in theory, 1/3 less… but of course once an animal is pregnant, it will always be pregnant until you harvest the baby, or leave the area and reset the npc.

Sterile gloves are now one time use. He had them not consume because he just didn’t think it would add any form of gameplay to have to craft one each time you want a baby. And he changed the wild animals to be considered animal npcs. The reason they were all marked as regular npcs was to make it so they dont despawn when you leave the chunk / area for a while. He know for a fact zombies do this, and he’s pretty sure animals do as well. But npcs never have disappeared once spawned. Also he lowered the chance of animals spawning a bit.

This is a single player only mod. It will not work in multiplayer and there will be no support when attempted this way.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Telric

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6 thoughts on “Telric’s Animal Husbandry

  1. Здравствуйте, установил данный мод хотел посмотреть у трейдера новых животных и не нашел их там а в консоли появляется надпись желтым цветом “is not a known trader name to dms”. Можете подсказать может я не правильно что то сделал я скачал и установил этот мод в папку “MODS”. Заранее спасибо за любой ответ. Мод очень понравился.

    1. Same problem as the Russian companion, when I get to the seller it jumps console error, the mod is incredible.

      1. I am playing alpha 19.4 because I have interesting mods only working in that version, but this mod gives error in the merchant, I would love to make it work it is wonderful

        1. Уважаемый компаньон вы можете доработать моды до версии 19.5 ) И еще один вопросик у вас в 19.4 перк “следопыт” показывает медведей на компасе ?

  2. can’t play, cause every few minutes it pop up the cheat console and you have to delete the mod and “install” it again…

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