Old Style Loot

7 days to die old style loot, 7 days to die loot

Returns the old loot distribution system, something like A18. For those who are not quite satisfied with the new “stone age”.

  • Simple Mode – just have one prob for llevel 1-999999999, for every TIER.
  • Hard Mode – have custom prob for every TIER on different player levels.


v1.1.1: Change typo in loot.xml which is throwing a parsing error. (Hard Mode)

Download Simple Mode
Download Hard Mode

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Okami

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2 thoughts on “Old Style Loot

  1. I’m on game stage-38 surviving on day 13 and all of the weapons I’ve found are only quality level 1. Am I just getting unlucky or is this only supposed to give level one items? (I’ve found over 40 level 1 items.)

  2. Not only do I like this mod because it’s more immersive, because things in boxes don’t care when you woke up naked, but also because a level 1 pump on day 8 is a hell of a lot better than not finding the schematic until you can already craft a level 5 yourself. It makes finding things at any stage of the game more sensible in a definitely-not-cheating kind of way (level 1 is still level 1)

    P.S. Why am I the only one who reviews and comments on mods on this page!?

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