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Do you want to harvest your area free of weeds? With the SpeedHarvester you have the opportunity. Not only do you collect lance fiber faster, but your area is freed from it much faster. The range is also really great. Simply insert the mod on the server under Mods done. The mod may be used free of charge but may not be sold or changed. License is with the sixth attempt and Herrath.

7 Days to Die SpeedHarvester Additional Screenshot


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Credits: Sechsterversuch

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2 thoughts on “SpeedHarvester

  1. This is usefull mod for that cleaning grass from our property !
    Only bad is that it doesnt do some damage to zombies…but that can be changed, but not all players know how :))) (i know offcourse…)

  2. The damage is set so that it should only be for grass removal. Of course you can improve DMG no question. But consider the stronger the more dangerous, a tasty treat for cheaters

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