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7 days to die more recipes, 7 days to die recipes

Adds some more recipes to the game. Arrow and crossbow bolt conversion recipes. 2 new fish taco recipes. 1 using tuna, the other using 2 cans of cat food. Both are balanced with the original fish taco recipe.


  • (new) More recipes is now plays better with others with a little code streamlining. (Thanks to CrazyAluminum)
  • Added Mixed berry pie
  • Added mixed berry smoothie
  • Added yucca smoothie fix
  • Added localization (small amount)
  • Contains firelog recipe, berry bunches for both blueberries and frostberries.
  • Added recipes for the new pie and smoothie, they were also added to the loot list as well as the cooking progression to be in line with the other recipes.
  • It has arrow and crossbow bolt conversions.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Wolfbain5

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