Vehicle Be Tough Mod

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The task of repairing binf_shinana’s car frequently has already become a chore for him. It’s a very simple mod, but he thought there would be people who wanted it, so he left it.

Overview of MOD


Increases durability of all vehicles by 10 Times. He wanted to change the repair efficiency as well, but currently he doesn’t know how to change it. Therefore, when Grease Monkey’s skill level is 0, the recovery amount is 1,000, After that, the recovery amount will increase by “10% of the vehicle’s maximum durability” for each skill level.







※修理効率も変更したかったが、現状では変更方法が不明(グリースモンキースキルにも記載なし、おそらくハードコード)。 そのため、グリースモンキーがスキルレベル0では回復量1,000となり、 それ以降は1スキルレベルごとに「車両の最大耐久力の10%ずつ」回復量が増加します。

対応7dtd ver(Supported 7dtd ver): a21.0 exp b317


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: binf_shinana

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4 thoughts on “Vehicle Be Tough Mod

  1. Good thought but as others have already pointed out this would restrict players to only default vehicles (no mods) and it likely also has limitations due to how it was made. For example, let us assume it works with vehicles you bought from a trader (not likely/guaranteed since it seems to require points into a perk). The issue becomes after you level up and put points into that perk you will likely have to rebuild or reacquire the vehicle for the durability to change (I may be wrong on that but with the 1st problem mentioned it hardly matters). The better way to do this would have been to make a mod for vehicles that simply increase the armor when equipped (similar to the vanilla mod for drones that can do the same thing). If you had done it like that by making tiers of vehicle mods which will increase the durability when equipped you could have those mod tiers unlock when you perk into the Grease Monkey’s skill (keeping the same progression as the current mod). Doing it like that would not only fix the 1st problem but the other potential issues I mentioned as well (probably others I have not thought of as well).

  2. Thanks, this is exactly what we needed.
    The 4X4 may has well of been made of paper mache the way it took a beating.

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