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Modder Snufkin introduced an innovative technique to ornate existing vehicles with attachment models to give them a unique appearance. In many cases, it went so far as to create new vehicles with experimental features and was released in a pack as Snufkin’s Custom Vehicles mod. This was followed with a Community version which added more additions on top.

A20 saw numerous updates to the vehicle code, which limits conversion of many A19 vehicles from the previous server side only releases. However, this A20 release can still combine some of the more popular vehicles from A19.

Apart from periodic issues with flying stability, and the noticeable lighting from hidden vanilla models on two of the vehicles, this selective few offers a highly functional mix. The current vehicle list, which is typically restricted by access to vanilla vehicles for their recipes, can be produced on the workbench.


  • Hell Beast (Snufkin)
  • Hell Fire (oakraven)
  • Hell Dog (oakraven)

Cars, Jeeps, Trucks, and Buses

  • Hell Hound (oakraven)
  • Hell Spikey (oakraven)
  • Hell Car (oakraven)
  • Magic Bus (Oakraven)


  • Whirligig (arramus / utilising Bdubyah’s MD 500 helicopter settings)
  • Shark Blimp (oakraven)

Bicycle Base

Sled (Snufkin)


Here is an update for the Server Side Vehicles:

The Magic Bus returns to A20 and has received a small upgrade.

As the image suggests, the Magic Bus can hold up to 9 players without the need for a seating mod.

This will accommodate larger communities, or servers that use the extended party mod that typically allows 8 players to ‘party up’. Players will need to enter the bus from the non driver’s side via the sliding door. ^^

7 days to die a20 server side vehicles changelog screenshot 1

The Magic Bus can still accept all vehicle mods, even though the seating mod will have no effect, and see the benefits they provide.

Since only the Magic Bus and the Whirligig use non standard seating, players can see the seat count as they approach these vehicles.

As with A19, when the headlights are turned on, flames will appear from the front ‘impalers’. Driving into a zombie will knock them over and set them on fire. There will be no XP gain for any eliminations using this method of zombie control.

7 days to die a20 server side vehicles changelog screenshot 2


For Players and Server Admin/Hosts who have never installed a mod before, here are some simple step by step instructions:

  1. If you’ve never installed a mod before, it is necessary to create a mod folder in the main directory, typically (\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die). If you have a custom install or your server host has modified the installation location, then you may have to explore.
  2. Simply make a new folder called Mods (with a capital M to reflect standard nomenclature) in your ‘7 Days To Die’ main directory folder.
  3. You can now drag the mod folder directly out of the zipped file and it can be placed directly into the Mods folder. However, there may be a top folder which you do not need. You are looking for a folder that contains a ‘ModInfo’ file. The folder holding that file will be the one you add to your Mods folder. If you add a folder above that nesting then the game will not be able to see the mod. The top layer will be a single folder and in the second layer you will see a ModInfo.xml file with or without additional folders depending on the mod. Clear instructions on this stage are not possible due to different types of unzip application and their methods. However, this will become elementary once you’ve launched a few mods.
  • Does this Mod need to be installed in the server/client host? = YES
  • Do players also need to install this Mod? = NO

The magic of this mod is that is only needs to be installed in the server/person who has launched the main environment that others join. Enjoy.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Arramus, Snufkin, oakraven

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7 thoughts on “A20 Server Side Vehicles

  1. ok try uploading this to my server and once i click on the Vehicles it crashs the server any ideas to fix it?

  2. Error Non-convex MeshCollider with non-kinematic Rigidbody is no longer supported since Unity 5. If you want to use a non-convex mesh either make the Rigidbody kinematic or remove the Rigidbody component. Scene hierarchy path “Entities/Cars/vehicleMagicBus_179393/Physics/tempPrefab_bus_shortPrefab”, Mesh asset path “” Mesh name “Collision”

    Got this in logs ?

  3. Thank you so much i missed my helldog and hellbeast and helldog any chance the blimp that looks like an egg in your inventory might be added? this mod works perfectly thank you Aramus, Smnufkin and Oakraven

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