Wild West Mod – 7 Days in the Wild West

7 days to die wild west mod - 7 days in the wild west, 7 days to die overhaul mods

The Wild West Mod rolls back time to around the Mid 19th Century Wild West America (+/- 20 years). It attempts to remove features which are not time appropriate, and introduce additional features to expand and complement the overall experience. A few examples include:

  • A hand made custom World called New Frontier with only the ‘Old West’ type tiling system with age appropriate POIs and features.
  • Custom wagons replace modern automobiles for salvaging.
  • Weapons have been rolled back with access to Tomahawks, Revolvers, Winchester Rifles, and an early day Gatling.
  • Age appropriate food items.
  • Custom lighting, traps, vending machines, and age appropriate switches of existing assets.
  • Tiered horses as rewards for Quest Tier Completion. Each Tier sees a progressive increase in speed, greater inventory space, and more decorative appeal.
  • Custom hostiles that may or may not be carrying projectile weapons.

Without giving away too many spoilers, here are a few images to demonstrate.

There are over 100 custom POIs with split into those being placed within the Old West type tileset for Towns, and hand placed POIs out of Town and in the Wilderness.

Here is Medusa’s Paddle Steamer which offers T4 and T5 Infested Quests.

7 days to die wild west mod - 7 days in the wild west additional screenshot 1

Wild West Towns are pretty expansive and offer the full range of T1 to T6 Questing opportunities.

7 days to die wild west mod - 7 days in the wild west additional screenshot 2

Without giving too much away, hand crafted topographic features throughout the bundled New Frontier World by Tallman Brad. It is possible to also make a World in RWG by following the instructions in the Guide contained within the Mod.

7 days to die wild west mod - 7 days in the wild west additional screenshot 3

Expect to meet all manner of adversary from both the known…

7 days to die wild west mod - 7 days in the wild west additional screenshot 4

to unknown…

7 days to die wild west mod - 7 days in the wild west additional screenshot 5

And one tip. Don’t shoot the Bison, unless they attack you first.

7 days to die wild west mod - 7 days in the wild west additional screenshot 6

Grab a horse from the Oakraven stables, and the World is yours for the taking.

7 days to die wild west mod - 7 days in the wild west additional screenshot 7

Rumor has it that there are many treasures out there to be had in New Frontier, with the biggest ones being found in the Wasteland Crater, although nobody has returned to tell the tale…


Here is an update for the Wild West Mod.

1. New Frontier 3 – Crater Upgrades

With the addition of the T6 Infested Quest, and the extra challenge that brings due to a higher volume of entities, a number of POIs have received a further upgrade with hybrid zombie/zombie boss inhabitants or even pure boss inhabitants to provide a T7 feel when selecting these POIs as T5 or T6 Infested. This extra challenge addresses a common comment from players who have reached a very advanced game stage, but still want something more. These POIs will certainly provide that…

Medusa’s Crook-ed House. Those who have visited the Snake Pit can understand volume. This POI provides less volume but more ferocity and is a very balanced challenge for those who wish to accept it.

7 days to die wild west mod - 7 days in the wild west changelog screenshot 1

The Crater Caverns is a subterranean mining system that shares some similarities to an existing one, but with its own expansions and customisations. It is 100% boss type entities only.

7 days to die wild west mod - 7 days in the wild west changelog screenshot 2

There are additional POIs in the Crater offering greater challenge, as well as some decorative features to offer some landmarks and help players get their bearings.

7 days to die wild west mod - 7 days in the wild west changelog screenshot 3

2. Pump Action Shotgun

The pump action shotgun remains a very popular weapon, and has a slightly faster reload speed to offset the loss of the auto shotty. It has been given a more aged look for immersion. Thank you to Oakraven for setting it up and bringing it to the Wild West Mod. It looks the part.

7 days to die wild west mod - 7 days in the wild west changelog screenshot 4

3. Decorative Item Updates

There has been a continual process to replace certain items with their aged counterparts. This update replaces the modern looking sport’s bags and holdalls with alternatives.

7 days to die wild west mod - 7 days in the wild west changelog screenshot 5

4. Entity Updates

There are also a number of entities that could benefit from an update to roll back how they look. This update replaces the Biker with a ‘Rider’. Multiple other zombies have seen updates such as the soldiers, hazmat entities, nurse, screamer, and cop.

7 days to die wild west mod - 7 days in the wild west changelog screenshot 6

The combination of entities in one place, such as a Horde Night, really shows off the modern zombie replacements and adds to the immersion and Wild West theme. Thank you to Oakraven and Tallman Brad for taking on that project from concept to completion. There are still a few more to do, but it’s really looking good.

7 days to die wild west mod - 7 days in the wild west changelog screenshot 7

Alpha 21 Version
DOWNLOAD for A21 (852,8 MB)
Alpha 20 Versions
DOWNLOAD Stable Build for A20 (Stable and will only change periodically for updates or critical fixes) (732 MB)
DOWNLOAD Development Build for A20 (Development build and will change more often for testing purposes) (749,2 MB)
DOWNLOAD Oak’s Wild West Mod Guards for A20 (Optional Mod) (20 KB)

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: arramus and community

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28 thoughts on “Wild West Mod – 7 Days in the Wild West

  1. Really enjoying this mod! The way poi’s are redone is very well done. Honestly didn’t think I’d play for as long as I have without skyscrapers and such but I keep finding new and interesting things that keep me invested in the game. The different forts, encampments, and mines add a whole new feel and level of challenge. I also really like all the food recipes. Well I could go on and on about all the aspects of this mod that I really enjoy.
    Everything works well.
    That being said, I’d rather be able to grow crops of beans and okra. Seems wrong that they are only harvested from the fish traps. And why are fish sofa king hard/rare to catch? Wish TFP would add fish traps to the vanilla game; it just makes sense you know?

    1. Make sure you are under water and when trying to bait traps wait for the “press E to pick up” prompt to show, then right click to bait the trap. I had a hard time with it at first too. It does work though, just hard to figure out at first.

  2. Definitely need to adjust stamina use at the game beginning… Level one POIs should be relatively easy, instead, you send more zombies than my stamina can handle. I died on every quest I have done so far because of this exact reason. I absolutely expect zombie interference in everything I do, but not to the point that I think it’s blood moon when it’s not really blood moon. Not to mention, you get hit once, and you get a bleeding wound, it takes well over half of your life. I don’t think I can play this as it is, I love the concept but I can’t play a mod that won’t let you progress at all.

    1. Player mobility stamina for the Wild West Mod has actually been increased by about 10% from the base game. This is quite a large amount as adding Skill Perks will compound that benefit as a player progresses. Use of the spear, knife, and other melee weapons requires adding Skill to its specific Skill Perk to see better stamina use. This is very much an A21 change for the base game, and not specific to the Wild West Mod. The same applies for zombie hits. The Wild West Mod makes no change to the base game for bleeding wounds, infection, sprains, etc. Adding Skill to Fortitude > Pain Tolerance will help to reduce zombie impacts. In addition, The Wild West Mod actually reduces zombie range a little to compensate for the reduction in modern weapons. Stamina and Wound dynamics are something that the game developers changed for A21 to increase the challenge, and the requirement of specializing, and will be seen in the base game along with any overhaul. Quest POIs have a simple zombie count formula for T1 – T5 POIs which is consistent throughout. A T1 POI will have no more than 15 zombies at max. This is similar to how the main game does things. Consider lowering the game level to get through the first few days, and then raising it up when the time is appropriate. Consider also using spikes, hatches, and barricades when questing to limit zombie pathing. Watching a few YouTube streamers playing the Wild West Mod demonstrates how effective this can be.

  3. mod muito legal , quem gosta do tema velho oeste vai gostar muito
    como instalar:
    1 baixe o arquivo e extraia
    2 vá onde vc instalou o jogo, steam app, commom , seven days to die , selecione a pasta 7 days e faça uma cópia ao fazer irá cria um pasta chamada 7 days to die cópia pegue a pasta arquivo que vc baixou chamado mod e jogue dentro, e abra o jogo pelo laucher dá cópia do jogo que vc fez.
    a cópia que vc fez é que se por acaso der algum conflito não irá prejudicar seu jogo base, o jogo principal fica intacto.

  4. Two things:

    1. Your support link (i.e. Discord link) is broken everywhere it is linked
    2. I don’t think the sounds files for the custom player-used workstations/farming, such as the pot stove, bee hive, etc; do not seem to be connected to the Ambient Sound Volume. I like the ambient sound turned down at night, so I can hear zombies easier. These workstations are just so loud and there’s no way to turn them down without everything else.

  5. i have a problem with it i download it and then extract it after i then put it in the mod folder and when it done i load the game and nothing happens it just goes one the same screen please help me

  6. Hello,
    I appreciate the post and it is quite helpful except for the QoL mods that do not have exact names or at least links so one can download them. Mod looks great though, can’t wait to play it with a group of friends.

  7. never mind, i figured it out. i dropped the folder (a21-wildwestmod) into both mods folders and it works just fine. when i watched a video on it, it said to place all files from inside that folder into the mods folder.

  8. this does not work for me for a21. the main screen still shows the regular 7 days to die title screen. the ui doesnt show as the western ui in my game. i have removed all of my other mods from both 7 days to die steam directory mods folder and the appdata roaming mods folder. put the wild west folders into both of these mods folders. have tried with just roaming mods folder and just 7 days steam mods folder. and neither seem to work for me. does this mod not work for a21.6b? i made sure i also downloaded the correct a21 mod adn i did, so i don’t know where to go from here.

  9. When will we likely see the alpha 21 update to the mod? I’m big into the mod, been for a while now, just would love to see it continue to be current if possible. Thank you for all your hard work, it has brought a lot of fun to me, my wife and our friends.

    1. All good to download the Stable version for A21, Nelsinfinity. We wish you and yours more adventures out on the trails in the updated New Frontier version 3 World.

  10. I don’t have access to the ladle, skillet or pan. I downloaded through the mod launcher, is that why?

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