Vehicle Revamp

7 days to die vehicle revamp, 7 days to die vehicles

Adds some different vehicle upgrades to the game. All upgrades can only be looted.

  • Aero Dynamics Upgrade: Improves speed through Aero Dynamics.
  • Fuel Saver Upgrade: Use 50% less fuel on your journeys.
  • Headlights Upgrade: Brighten up the map with this ultra cool light addon.
  • Turbo Upgrade: Speed Speed Speed!
  • HD Bicycle Turbo Upgrade: Turbo Upgrade thats added to the Bicycle.


  • Updated for A20.
  • Added HD Bicycle Turbo Upgrade.


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Credits: War3zuk

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5 thoughts on “Vehicle Revamp

    1. Alpha 19 B163 broke most of them, so the download is disabled by the author until the repo fixed.

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