The Asia Mod

7 days to die the asia mod, 7 days to die overhaul mods

What’s New in Version 2?

Visual Changes

Replaced almost all vanilla trees by own trees (60 different models)

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 1

Own grasses and bushes added

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 2

Rocks and resource stones replaced

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 3

New landscape blocks added (fog fields, waterfalls and water areas)

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 4

Workbenches reworked/replaced

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 5

New transportation vehicles added (handcarts, sailing carts, horse) – sorry they don’t want to spoil the sailing cart 😉

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 6

Trader figures replaced by Asian 3D models

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 7

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 8

Trader POIs reworked/newly built

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 9

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 10

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 11

New animals added (chicken, deer, tiger, panda, snake, horse)

Cute Snakes

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 12


7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 13


7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 14


7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 15

  • Trader voices replaced by exclusively recorded Japanese sentences
  • Zombie voices replaced by a larger number of sounds
  • Many new decoration and loot blocks added
  • New walls and roofs added (some still WiP)
  • Replaced the dynamic music system with Asian music tracks
  • Added new loading screens and texts
  • Reworked the journal entries and adapted them for the Asia mod
  • Removed some of the POIs, reworked all POIs, added a few new ones
  • Unified size of POIs in preparation for randomly generated maps
  • Created new map 4k and small map 2k (old maps not usable anymore)

Gameplay Changes

  • Skills system reworked (now learning-by-doing)
  • Workbench system reworked (now upgrade workbenches)
  • Crafting system weapons/tools reworked (now recipe books with fragments)
  • Crafting system items/food reworked (now dependent on workbench)
  • Lighting system reworked (now torches/lamps with limited burning time)
  • Food system reworked (now authentic dishes, partly based on each other)
  • Healing items reworked (now authentic ingredients and compositions)
  • The old upgrade order for blocks reintroduced
  • Tool/weapon values completely reworked and rebalanced
  • Food/healing values completely reworked and rebalanced
  • Loot in crates and merchants completely reworked
  • Quest partially reworked/simplified and some new ones added
  • New weapons/tools added (wooden sword, stone pickaxe, hankyu, yumi)
  • New production line for silk added
  • Added new production line for honey/beehives
  • Added new diseases and antidotes (bee sting, snake bite)
  • Added new defenses (fire trap, palisades, upgradable walls)

Other Changes

Performance improvement by optimizing the 3D models

And a Big Thanks to Alloc 😍

Now we have Pandas

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 16

and we have Panda Babys

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 17

and they are very hungry

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 18

but the rest is Work in progress.

Some Impressions

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 19

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 20

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 21

Tips About Their Mod

  • Please do not compare their mod with the vanilla version, forget what you have done before and get involved with this mod.
  • Yes they have many zombies, yes it takes time to kill them in the beginning.
  • They have a learning by doing system.
  • Running around in panic only helps to have more zombies behind you.
  • The night, it’s really dark, don’t forget your torch.
  • They look forward to your feedback, because balancing is definitely far from perfect. There is also still a lot missing in this mod.
  • They wish you a lot of fun with this mod and with the horses and pandas and the zombies.

Patch Notes 2.0.21

According to their tests, no restart is necessary. However, changes to the POIs are not applied to existing savegames; a new savegame must be started for this.


  • Various descriptions corrected and added
  • Various POIs corrected (collapse, wrong blocks)
  • Hitbox Shuriken corrected (collider raised)
  • Torch holder above crates no longer blocks them
  • Yield of harvested wild Jiangulan, Japonica and Comfrey fixed
  • UI quest to get the map shows correct number of soy
  • Wooden shovel can now be made in level 2 and 3
  • Corrected the size of the traders’ teleport areas
  • Action skill Simple bow corrected (incorrectly leveled the club)
  • Corrected shaders of the roofs so that they can reflect light
  • Recipes for lamps and lanterns changed to the correct workbench
  • Pitch ditches burn same time during night as well


  • Small bamboo now only has 20 HP and is considered a deco block (no yield, no XP)
  • Multiblock baskets can now be made in the inventory
  • Increased the number of silk threads in the loot
  • Increased the possibility of broken tools in the loot
  • Volume of zombie voices increased by 4 db
  • Non-Asia savegames can no longer be selected in the menu
  • Defective Hankyu and Yumi now with the model of the simple bow
  • The Clawhammer blueprint now only requires a stone pickaxe
  • Icon of ginseng slices lightened for better visibility


  • The opening and closing sound of the trader is now a gong
  • New icon for the fetch quest bag
  • Added recipe for wooden block (needed e.g. for barricades)
  • Recipe for steel arrowheads added
  • Added tooltip for the workbench needed for the recipe (mouseover)

Here Are the Patch Notes for Version 2.0.6 (Including 2.0.1 to 2.0.5)

  • Animation of the fence door fixed
  • Collapsing buildings fixed
  • Tatami healing removed
  • When sneaking, an icon is now displayed in the lower left corner
  • Icons for Crossbow added, icons for the water bucket adjusted
  • Various descriptions added or corrected
  • Recipe Crossbow T3 fixed
  • Recipe for rice slime added to Irori T1-3
  • Removed duplication in credits
  • Changed the order of horse taming. You now need the bucket of cabbage first. So it should be clearer to the players that you also need to make the water bucket.
  • Set the inventory size of the three baskets in the multiblock to the same size (6×1).
  • The buttons to lock inventory spaces are now visible in the backpack.
  • In the progression, adjusted the value for the Simple Bow so that it can be crafted at level 2 from Lvl 20.
  • Panda scaling corrected (and thus also the physics problems with wild jerking around and oversized arrows).
  • Panda baby now has thicker cheeks for even more aaaaw!
  • Added the tag “BowT1” to the recipe of the primitive bow, so T2 and T3 crafting should really be possible

7 days to die the asia mod additional screenshot 22


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: DanuThuata and Asia Team

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19 thoughts on “The Asia Mod

  1. instructions for manually installing mod would be nice please. Also if you want people to use the Discord for support you need to make a support channel or some way for us to communicate. All channels in the Discord are locked & there’s no permission to type anywhere.

  2. Hello, what you did seems like a wonderful job, I especially like the part of nature, the trees, bushes, stones, grasses and others, as well as the horses. they only affect the atmosphere of the game, it is a personal taste and if it is not possible I understand it because it is a bit selfish that a single person asks for all that, as a final comment I want to congratulate them visually it looks fantastic, it shows that they made an effort and they put heart and soul when making the mod: D. (Sorry if you don’t understand my English very well, I don’t speak it)

  3. Played this before and looking to play again. Beautiful mod. How do you get a world? It says the new one is 4k and old doesn’t work. I have mod installed & trying to get a world but there is nothing that says Asia and/or 4k. The only options I have is pregen with no 4k option, Navezgane or random but even the random gen has no size to match the info. So how do I get a world created for this? Have the Discord but only a few channels are in Eng, see no support and everything is locked.

  4. This is a cool and fun mod, though it does need some bug fixes and overall polishing. What bothers me is that most of the beautiful POIs are too small to use as a crafting/storage base because the workstations are unnecessarily huge. There are a couple of larger ones, but all of the POIs have low hit point walls that cannot be upgraded. So, either find a big POI and totally ruin how it looks to make it usable or build a big ugly base that doesn’t fit the look of the mod. The paints are all vanilla, too, and don’t fit the mod’s look. Either way, if you use a torch or a workstation or move at all, zombies are all over your base breaking walls… I’ve stopped playing for now but I’ll check back for updates/progress, since I think it’s worth more development.

    1. We are currently working on balancing and bug fixing.
      You can also build most of the things you see yourself. Unfortunately, this is sometimes not so easy, so the parts are in the upgraded workbench.
      We are still working on bigger POIs and will discuss your feedback in the team. Thank you.

  5. Cool concept, and lots of interesting adjustments to gameplay, crafting, etc. However there are lots of bugs and issues also. The Workout Equipment quest is bugged for me. After crafting the 4 dyes I get the “Talk to the Trader” part of the quest, but talking to the trader does nothing making it appear that I can no longer progress with the equipment/bag upgrades. Lots of buggy areas w/ buildings and zombie pathing, inventory switching issues with the hand cart, huge bumpy areas on the map/roads, traders main doors difficult to close (also pointless to do so as they just open right back up 10 seconds later anyway). Overall neat idea, but still needs to polishing to be truly enjoyable.

    1. First of all, thank you for your feedback, but we have only just discovered this.

      Regarding the quest, if something is missing, the merchant will usually tell you that you don’t have everything with you. (Often you put something he wanted in a box).
      Please check the quest log.

      If you find faulty areas in buildings, we would be happy if you send us screenshots or error messages, so we can take a look at it.

      We have already improved the mobility of the handcart.

      The merchant doors take a few seconds to open, but this is intentional.

      Overall, we are working on bug fixes and balancing at the moment.
      However, there is still a lot missing in this mod and we will continue to work on it.

  6. Macht bitte eure Pandas killbar! Wenn man eine Mauer mit Stacheln schützt und ein
    Panda kommt vor bei zerstört er die Verteidigung. Darf jetzt zu zweiten Mal Tausende Rohstoffe neu sammel.
    Bin über lvl 50 und konnte jetzt erst die Werkbank auf Stufe 1 aufrüsten. Das ist nach Tagen Echtzeit, auch nicht das Gelbe vom Ei 🙁

    1. Sorry wir haben den Kommentar hier gerade erst entdeckt. Mittlerweile hast du einen gute Möglichkeit gefunden die Pandas abzulenken.
      Werkbank upgrades sind mittlerweile schon einfacher machbar und meines Wissens bist du da auch schon viel weiter.

  7. I like the theme just that i wouldn’t recommend this mod right now. This feels like the early days of 7d2d. Bad generation, bumpy roads, bugs everywhere, and horrible optimizations. There are way too many zombies, i get that they’re trying to make it harder but with the modded buildings too, the game LAGS HARD!!! Zombies can also get into the traders outpost if the door is left open and the zombies get stuck in there because they get aggroed by the trader making it hard to talk to them unless you kill all the zombies or lure them out. I also hate the ui, the color scheme makes it hard to see things.

    1. Hello and thank you for your feedback.

      We are currently working on balance and bug fixes.
      If you have such severe lags it would be great if you could tell us where and when, because we haven’t received any reports yet.

      Zombies can actually always go through open doors and our merchant has a completely different texture than the vanilla merchant but no properties of its own. It would be completely new to us that the trader attacks anything.
      Yes, there are intentionally more zombies, but they have already been readjusted.

      1. Well my issue is not that zombies can go into trader outposts its that they can walk into the trader’s room and crowd around him making it impossible for it to talk to them….

        And yea i can see why there would be no lag reports when the game itself its already laggy. And this mod pack doesn’t help with that. If you claim that this modpack does nothing to affect performance then wow you much know some magic that even the developers dont.

  8. 農夫レベル82で収量+2


    1. Die Erweiterungen baust du direkt in deinem Inventar. Dann kannst du den Eisenhammer in die Hand nehmen und mit der rechten Maustaste die Werkbank aufwerten.

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