Quality of Life

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A collection of small modifications that should make your in-game life more convenient.

These are intended to be modifications that are uncontroversial, and do not require any custom assets.


  • The “already read book” icon is now a semi-translucent green color. Inspired by this post on the forums.
  • The time it takes to scrap brass is significantly reduced.
  • If you have the required knowledge to craft ammo bundles, you can craft them from loose ammo (not just from raw materials).
  • Vehicles are sellable to traders (at the usual steep discount).
  • With permission, this mod includes a modified version of Khaine’s Lockable Inventory Slots mod. A big thank you to Khaine for making that mod!

Technical Details

This mod uses XPath to modify XML files, and does not require SDX or DMT. It should be compatible with EAC. It does not contain any new assets (such as images or models). Servers should automatically push the XML modifications to their clients, so separate client installation should not be necessary.

Starting a new game should not be necessary, but is always recommended just in case.

Ammo Bundles

There are new recipes for all ammo bundles, where the ammo itself is the required ingredients, not the raw materials.

These should take exactly as much ammo to craft as they give back. If players want the raw material bonuses, they have to use the raw materials.

However, the bundles made from ammo also take 2/3 the time to craft. This seem more “realistic,” and takes into consideration the time the player may have spent crafting the loose ammo.

Modifying the Icons for Read/Unread Books

It is possible to also change the icons for both unread and already read books. If you want to change them, uncomment the relevant code in this mod’s items.xml file.

The icons in that code are the “add” image (a plus sign) for unread books, and a check mark for already-read books. But you can add any icon(s) you like.

Open controls.xml, and look at this entry in the item_stack node:

<sprite depth="8" name="itemtypeicon" width="24" height="24" sprite="ui_game_symbol_{itemtypeicon}" pos="2,-2" foregroundlayer="true" visible="{hasitemtypeicon}" color="{itemtypeicontint}" />

Now, match up the variables (in {}) with these properties in the “schematicMaster” item in items.xml:

<property name="ItemTypeIcon" value="book"/>
<property name="AltItemTypeIcon" value="book_read"/>

Putting it all together, Khzmusik found the ui_game_symbol_check.tga filename, stripped out the “ui_game_symbol_” prefix, and used it as the value of the “AltItemTypeIcon” property.

He did the same for the “ItemTypeIcon” property, except that he chose the ui_game_symbol_add.tga file.

There’s a list of ui_game_symbol_{x} TGA files in the XML.txt file.

There is also a list of available icons here. That website is not associated with 7D2D or The Fun Pimps, so the link might be stale in the future.

Lockable Inventory Slots

This mod includes a modified version of Khaine’s Lockable Inventory Slots mod.

The inventory slot controls already exist in the vanilla XML files, that mod adds them back in.

Khzmusik also added the lockable inventory slots to lootable containers. This is done in order to add them to the junk drone’s inventory, which does not use the same window as vehicle storage.

However, this adds them to any lootable container, such as a cabinet or cardboard box. If this is not desired, comment out this code in Config/XUi/windows.xml:

<append xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowLooting']/panel[@name='header']/rect[@controller='ContainerStandardControls']">
    <combobox depth="3" name="cbxLockedSlots" pos="70,-7" width="100" height="30" tooltip_key="xuiStashLockedSlots" type="ComboBoxInt" value_min="0" value_max="{container_slots}" value_wrap="true" value_increment="1" />


Version 1.0.1 removed stackable dyes, because stacking item modifiers causes a lot of bugs. If you upgrade from 1.0.0, you will not need to start a new game, but the size of all dye stacks will be reduced to 1. Plan accordingly by separating all dye stacks into stacks of 1 each. If you do this, the dyes shouldn’t be lost.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Khzmusik

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