9 thoughts on “World Tools Unlocked

  1. “edit windows.xml and change levelTools to LevelTools3” commented above DOES fix the issue for anyone who was worried about that.

    1. How exactly do we replace the “leveltools” with “leveltools3”;
      I’m fairly new to coding, im just curious if replacing the first line that contains “leveltools” with “leveltools3” is all I have to do or do I have to replace everything in the line that says “leveltools” to “leveltools3”?

  2. Hi, I’ve been waiting for this mod for a very long time, but what if there are no items below “show block triggers”? And instead of the hammer icon (to the right of the debugging tools icon), an eye icon with the inscription “show settings”

    1. Anti-cheat turned off, Dm and CM turned on, there are still no buttons below the “show block trigger”:(

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