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Welcome to the Seven Deadly Sins, an overhaul mod that aims to encourage the player to explorer more of the map by substantially changing the risk vs reward scheme of the game. No more will leveling be the primary driver of progression. Instead, the player can choose to tackle the hardest areas from day 1 or prepare for as long as they want for that purpose. The game will feel more like an RPG where there are zones and areas far beyond what you can handle, and the poi tier and biome mean a lot more than the base game.

You’ll start your adventure in the Forest, a relatively tame region with limited challenges & opportunities. The loot in this region is poor, but the risks match the rewards. It’s a great place to relax, do some farming and gather supplies to eventually venture out into the harder regions.

From there, you can enter the Desert, which will pose a significant increase in difficulty, but allow you to finally access more advanced weaponry and armors. But beware, the weather can at times be unforgiving. During the day, zombie spawns are reduced, allowing you to enter this zone with less of a challenge, that is if you can survive the blistering sun or the acid fog that occasionally shows up.

Next, you’ll want to venture into the Snow biome, which is again another step up in challenge and rewards. Here, instead, the cold nights prevent the zombies from coming out in as great numbers, allowing the nights to be your best window to get good loot. But the acid fog is more dangerous here, as well as hypothermia which can easily kill you if unprepared. Finally, you enter the Wasteland, an area that is an absolute nightmare. Here, radiation, acid fog and stark weather changes can make any survivor weep. But the greatest rewards come from the greatest challenges. So, if you’re willing to risk it all, you will find equipment that can rival your tenacity.

Each zone is outfitted with its own Boss that drops special equipment that greatly helps with venturing into the next zone. I’d say you need to look for them, but they will certainly come for you. But winning in these rare open world encounters will reward you with the best items from that zone.

Of course, this mod wouldn’t be called the Seven Deadly Sins for no reason. There are 7 obstacles that will try to wear you down and grind you into the dirt. You have an opportunity at the start of the game to align yourself with any of the Seven Sins, greatly reducing its burden on you. But the other sins will not be so forgiving…

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Sin of Pride

Pride kept us from preparing for the end… But for those that choose to align with Pride. They were better prepared than most, hence their arrogance. Align yourself with Pride if you want to have an easier time maintaining your equipment.

The Sin of Gluttony

Gluttony caused us to waste away all our precious resources until there was almost nothing left… Now, a few have everything. But they won’t share it… Traders are now only open for 6 hours a day and don’t offer item rewards for their quests. They won’t even hold items for you overnight. And have become very difficult to do business with. Align yourself with Gluttony if you want to have an easier time getting essential supplies, like food and water.

The Sin of Wrath

Mother nature hasn’t been too kind to humanity since its unfortunate departure from this world. Even the weather can be deadly, preventing you from reaching your destinations, even if you can get around all the undead… Now, overheating and freezing a real concern, and can even kill you if you aren’t careful. There is equipment and traits to help you mitigate this obstacle. Align yourself with Wrath if you want to have an easier time getting protective equipment for the weather, to avoid freezing or burning to death.

The Sin of Lust

Inside each zone there are horrible creatures wanting nothing more than to eat your flesh. Some of these are more voracious than others. Their desire for you is so strong is has mutated them into hideous monstrosities that can ruin anyone’s day. Only the forest boss is fairly tame, playing coy with you and teasing you, but never truly committing to the engagement. You’ll need to hunt these creatures down to get the best equipment, and they will hunt you down to get the best meat… Align yourself with Lust if you want to have a sample of what they have to offer.

The Sin of Envy

The desire for what others have has blinded to you appreciate what you have. Each zone is lush with riches, but there’s always something better to get. Why settle for what you have, when you can go and take from others their riches. Each biome restricts what you can access in terms of loot, forcing you to always long for greener pastures. But be warned, sometimes you can bite off more than you can chew. Align yourself with Envy if you want an easier time traversing the land to find all the things you don’t have.

The Sin of Sloth

Since the war, all the water just about is contaminated. From the fog, to the rain to the lakes, it’s all toxic… It burns you’re skin, when it’s hard enough to keep the locals from chewing on it… Worst yet, the military mined up all the common roadways to try and slow the spread before they were overwhelmed… I’d avoid the roads if I was you. Align yourself with Sloth if you want to have some equipment that will help shelter you from the worst of this Acidification, and a useful tip on dealing with the mines. STARE DOWN.

The Sin of Greed

The greed of man is what started this whole ordeal, thinking they could claim a swift victory, they bombed their enemies, but they didn’t take it sitting down. Nukes rained like fire in the sky and destroyed a significant portion of civilization in an instant. Sadly, the effects of the nuclear radiation still linger preventing people from returning to their own beautiful homes… Align yourself with Greed if you’re ready to risk it all to enter the wasteland early and see if you can capture the best this world has to offer.


  • You can always retreat to the Forest wilderness for some reprieve.
  • Value every repair kit you find since they can’t be crafted.
  • Boss monsters drop gear that repairs with base materials.
  • Forest Boss: Loki, the Cowardly Tyrant
  • Desert Boss: Ophis, the Great Serpent
  • Snow Boss: Dyslexic doG, the Source of Death
  • Wasteland Boss: Chimera Dragon, the Abomination
  • All books & schematics can be scrapped to craft new books.
  • Traders are open from 12pm to 6pm.
  • Leveling is slowed down but rewards more skill points per level.
  • You start with 7 skill points to spend.
  • You have protection from the weather for the first level, so use that time to get to the Forest.
  • The Desert biome is safest during the day from zombies.
  • The Snow biome is safest at night from zombies.
  • Make sure to dress appropriately before entering the Desert, Snow & Wasteland.
  • You can no longer trait to be immune to weather conditions.
  • There are mods that help deal with the weather and acidification.
  • Fog starts to damage you above 12% acidification.
  • Each obstacle can be overcome with the right gear, traits, and strategy.
  • I’ve added some quality-of-life mods to help make the game more enjoyable.
  • The Forest boss is based on my dog who’s a scaredy cat.
  • The mod is Server Side, only the host needs to run it.
  • The mod is EAC compatible.

Special thanks to the authors for the following mods which served as either inspiration, or in same cases, integration of their mod core features into my mod. Your ideas were simply too genius to ignore. If any creators of the following mods have any issues with my mod using some of their code, please contact me and I’ll make adjustments.

  • 7d2d-useless-skills-main
  • Chimera Weapons A20
  • BFT2020_TraderMod
  • Craft Mega Crush
  • Danzo TotalNerfoftheTraders
  • Duriel’s Larger Hordes
  • GK Snowberry Returns
  • Make Landmines Useful Again
  • MLUA Patch
  • Merged Dew Collectors – NoHeat
  • Pocket mod progression
  • RigonsMove_Speed_Rule1Cardio_A20
  • ZombieSilentDeathA21

DOWNLOAD for A21.2 (49 KB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Loboling and community

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4 thoughts on “Seven Deadly Sins (SDS)

  1. Definitely a tougher mod, honestly the landmines being every damn where has been the biggest struggle.. doesn’t seem like the infiltrator perks slow the added landmines down which is a big pain

  2. mod crash everytime when the game was started
    my pc;

    Intel Core i7-13700K
    64 gb ram
    ssd 4tb
    nvida rtx 4080
    any sugestions? This crap ruins game and windows registry fix that shit

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