Ztensity’s Vanilla Creature Renaming

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A21 Compatibility Update to Renaming Vanilla Zombies & Animals


Into hours of playing 7 Days to Die and diving into the vast modding community, I decided to use Sirillion’s entire SMX series. His modlets overhaul the UI of 7 Days to Die, which make changes to the HUD, Menu and general UI. I realized that my favorite modlet of this series was Sirillion’s optional Target Health Bar designed for compatibility with his UI overhaul.

After playing 7 Days to Die with a full list of modlets including the SMX series, I quickly realized that some animals, zombies, machines, etc. would show up in the health bar from the Target Health Bar modlet as “animalZombieBear” and “zombieJoeRadiated,” instead of “Infected Bear” or “Radiated Cadaver.” I then began writing my creature renaming modlet to increase immersiveness when encountering different creatures in game.


Before deciding to install any of my modlets, you must first have to have a Health Bar modlet to see the name changes.

It’s worthy to note that if you are using the Mod Launcher, you can install all of Sirillion’s SMX series of modlets there. That said, once you have installed one of the health bar modlets, you can then download my “vanilla” patch.


This modlet can be installed right away. After the A21 update, there are still some zombies and animals that could be renamed. Some entities were added, some were changed, and some still felt like they could still use more immersive names. I believe this is the most important modlet for each player using a health bar mod, as it will improve immersiveness when viewing vanilla creatures.


None of Xyth’s Creature Packs would be possible either if it wasn’t for the hard work and communication of this powerful modding community. Primarily, I want to give an extra thank you to not only Xyth, but also DarkStarDragon, Guppycur and TSBX for work on the zombies, Robeloto for work on Spider sounds, Mumpfy for work on re-texturing and new asset creation, and XML work by Kergan, SaltyAF and Chikorina (Chiko).


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Ztensity

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