Your End 2.1

7 days to die your end, 7 days to die overhaul mods


  • Fully Customized Interface
  • The mod is comes in 2 languages English and Spanish
  • 84 slot inventory
  • Chests with 120 slots of Different Colors
  • Super Computer, Kitchen and Super Extractor work tables
  • Scrapping panel increased to 6
  • The campfire Lost many recipes
  • More than 30 Reclassified Zombies and new zombies
  • Forge input increased to 3
  • Zombies with spores leave a better reward
  • Performance improvement
  • Wasteland and desert are more dangerous
  • In general, the night is more dangerous everywhere
  • Visible life of zombies
  • Tier 6 weapons have 6 mod slots
  • New weapons
  • New ammunition
  • Vendors are open all the time
  • Added a new seller that can be done
  • The new seller has articles or objects that will not be found in the world
  • It will no longer be possible to refill empty jars with water from lakes and rivers
  • There is much more that I cannot explain and you will discover it

PROHIBITED: The files, the interface, etc. they may not be used in other projects and personal use may be permitted, but may not be redistributed or published.

COMPATIBILITY: Many mods can’t be compatible.

COMPATIBLE MODS: Toolbelt 15 slots from Khaines


  • Alpha 20.5(b2) checked
  • Alpha 20.6(b9) checked

Doubts questions or report an error do it in comments or better in the YouTube video.

If you want to participate in the project you can contact the creator sincerely I am the creator dj triple xmr.


  • 3 irradiated animals were added
  • By completing the Mission Zombie Ammunition start mission you will receive a legendary sniper rifle
  • Scrollable 114-slot inventory
  • Some recipes have been returned to the campfire but they cost more resources
  • Playstyle changed by 80%
  • The Mission Zombie Ammo mission book is increased up to 9
  • You can now make items up to level 6
  • Zombie Lap health regen slightly reduced
  • Added a mutant bird that shoots lightning
  • The appearance of the super pc was improved
  • Improved the look of the kitchen
  • Added new recipes from mutant spores
  • Improved the player’s buff size displayed on the left side of their screen
  • The game interface has been modified because there were some glitches in the overlapping of windows
  • Added mod options when creating or continuing a map
  • Added alert of mutant zombies and demons in a radius of 30 meters
  • Added progression of tracking zombies beyond 100 meters
  • Added progression of tracking mutants beyond 120 meters
  • Added optional benefits to progression
  • Fixed bug with buff window not displaying correctly
  • Now you can put more claim blocks in the world
  • The English translation has been further improved.
  • Fixed certain texts being displayed on top of another
  • Updated new artboards with a better design
  • Mission Zombie Starter Ammo book will give you more reward in dukes
  • The night became even more dangerous
  • Now from game stage 100 watch your neck in red moon attacks
  • Irradiated animals could give you when extracting their meat an item necessary to craft
  • Items can now be crafted up to level 6
  • Added help in the information of the article to know where it is manufactured and with what it is repaired
  • Adamantium sniper accuracy increased
  • Player level increased to 550
  • Improved the visibility of zombies with spores now you can recognize them easier
  • Tools, weapons, etc. You will need high levels to unlock better quality
  • Zombies with spores now give more experience
  • Titanium bat does more damage
  • Now to start you will need more of certain consumable items
  • The advantages of progression you can unlock according to your level
  • Increased hardness and more resistance of vibranium armor
  • The progression has been totally altered due to the ease of the game
  • Vibranium Armors will no longer be found by searching the world, they can now be made
  • Adamantium submachine gun magazine increased from 90 to 95
  • Removed many looting items
  • Added new items to the game
  • Now you will depend on the food processed and bought in the beginning, but don’t worry, there are recipes
  • Increased the life of the demon hunter and the demon of hell
  • The scout zombie (screaming) you can see it easily even at night now wears a crown on his head
  • Increased damage to (damage modifier)


  • KhaineGB
  • redbeardt
  • Laydor
  • ocbMaurice

The mod is available in 2 languages Spanish and English,

7 days to die your end additional screenshot 1

7 days to die your end additional screenshot 2

  • Interfaz Totalmente Personalizada
  • El mod es viene en 2 idiomas inglés y español
  • Inventario de 84 ranuras
  • Cofres con 120 ranuras de Diferentes Colores
  • mesas de trabajo Super Computadora, Cocina y Super Extractor
  • El panel de desguazar se aumentó a 6
  • la fogata Perdió muchas recetas
  • Mas de 30 Zombis Reclasificados y nuevos zombis
  • La entrada de fragua se aumentó a 3
  • Los Zombis Con esporas dejan una mejor recompensa
  • Mejora del rendimiento
  • Wasteland y desert son más peligrosos
  • En general la noche es mas peligrosa en todo lugar
  • Vida visible de los zombis
  • Armas de nivel 6 tienen 6 ranuras de modificación
  • Nuevas armas
  • Nuevas municiones
  • Los vendedores están abierto todo el tiempo
  • Se agrego un nuevo vendedor que se puede hacer
  • El vendedor nuevo tiene artículos o objetos que no se encontraran en el mundo
  • Ya no se podrá rellenar los tarros vacíos con agua de lagos y ríos
  • Hay Mucho mas que no puedo explicar ya ustedes lo descubrirán

PROHIBIDO: Los archivos, la interfaz, etc. no pueden ser utilizados en otros proyectos y el uso personal podría estar permitido, pero no puede ser redistribuido o publicado.

COMPATIBILIDAD: muchos mods no pueden ser compatibles.

MODS COMPATIBLES: Toolbelt 15 slots de Khaines


  • Alpha 20.5(b2) comprobado
  • Alpha 20.6(b9) comprobado

Dudas preguntas o informar un error hazlo en comentarios o mejor en el video de YouTube.
como autor y creador de mi mod me orgulloso de poder compartir con ustedes. atentamente Dj triple xmr, el mod traera mas actualizaciones gracias y si quieres participar en el proyecto ponerse en contacto con conmigo

NOTA IMPORTANTE: la interfaz de usuario se publicara por separado mas en el futuro y si nececitas la interfaz de usuario para tu proyecto ponerse en contacto con el autor y no olvides dar tu apoyo. se agradece gracias…


If you appreciate Djtriplexmr’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

Credits: Djtriplexmr

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15 thoughts on “Your End 2.1

  1. Muy buen mod risas y sustos, Me agradaría que en alguna actualización implementaras la interacción de varios jugadores a un mismo cofre o mesa de trabajo. Saludos de parte de la comunidad Especialitos Gaming. Buen trabajo

    1. no se hizo cambios en la interaccion de cofres o mesas de trabajo, mantienen la originalidad de interaccion del juego, unicamente se desbloquea el cofre cofre para que interactuen varios con el…

      1. El mod 2.1 al parecer tiene errores, el inventario esta bug y no puedes interactuar, estamos emocionados por esa versión y lo que agrega si pudieras verlo y arreglarlo te lo agradeceríamos bastante Gracias

    1. No por el momento, estoy trabajando en la version 2.1 en ahi pondre detalles de las armas, explicacion breve , las armas doradas y las armas de adamantio son las mejores . Gracias

  2. Is there any way to get the Advanced World Generation to work? I tried, but the Generate button stayed grayed out. Thanks for your help in advance!

    1. gracias por tu comentario, puedes jugar normalmente sin usar la generación avanzada , se agregara para alpha 21 “7 days to die”, con la actualización YOUR END 2.2, gracias por tu comprensión.

  3. That lightning/fire spitting bird needs to be set aside for a later game stage.
    To spawn in at level one and have one chasing you the moment your protection wears off – that’s not a challenge, nor is it fun. It’s just silly.

    1. mi opinion es, haber cuanto duras por algo se llama (your end), mejor dicho hasta aqui llegaste,
      los que siguen jugando pasaron esas minimas dificultades y despues parece facil, solo recuerda no herirte si hay pájaros cerca…..

    1. easyanticheat tiene que estar desactivado y no es compatible con otros mods, para mas informacion ve al video de youtube busca el enlace discord y envias capturas….

  4. How can I get pulsar quartz? I put the mod on an already created world, could this be a reason for it not appearing as ore?

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