.30-06 Weapons

7 days to die .30-06 weapons, 7 days to die ammo, 7 days to die weapons

This is 1/4 of Izayo’s firearms mod pack.

  • Added .30-06 ammo (a stronger 7.62) normal and Steelcore)
  • Added 6 guns that uses vanilla’s mods
    • Tier1 Rifle Springfield M1903 (single-load) = M1903 with locked magazine feeder. can only be loaded with 1 bullet
    • Tier 2 Rifle Lever action .30-06 = low capacity, medium rate of fire
    • Tier 3 Rifle M1 Garand = *ping*
    • Tier 3 Machinegun Browning Automactic Rifle = a classic automatic rifle that served both world wars
    • Tier 3 Machinegun Sentry-1917 Heavy Machine Gun = a Handheld Heavy Machine gun, you can’t aim and sprint because it’s heavy (using Auger holdtype)
    • Tier 4 HCAR (Heavy Counter Assault Rifle) Trader Exclusive = Modern version of BAR with half-time lighter weight, will give you a small mobility bonus both run and walk
    • Removed Browning Heavy Machine gun it’s too cursed also no holdtype support

Special Thanks


  • Make sure you remove the old version (folder) name “izayo_weapons_firearms”, the new one will be “izayo_weapons_firearms_3006”
  • All items in this pack were rename, the guns, ammo will disappeared in your gamesave. You can bring them back by load the save with cheatmode on then give yourself back what it’s gone if you can remember. (sorry about that)


v.3 Final

  • Better balance, better model/texture, animation
  • Added T1springfieldm1903, T4 HCAR (trader exclusive)
  • Removed Browning Heavy Machinegun and replace with Sentry 1917 HMG
  • Guns can be craft, loot now


  • Fixed 2x scope bug in vanilla guns
  • Fixed crosshair while ADS
  • Izayo recommended to remove the old one first (izayo_weapons_firearms_v1)

Report bug / problem in the comment.

Download v.3 Final from Mega
Download v.3 Final from Google Drive
Download Old version v.2 (Thanks to Nubasik90 for re-upload)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Izayo

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23 thoughts on “.30-06 Weapons

    1. download >> extract file >> put the folder in to 7daystodie mods folder
      guns can be found only in the traders. im gonna make it craftable after the next update

  1. Not sure if It’s my internet connection or not, but when I click on either download link, it tells me the file does not exist.

  2. Unfortunately, the link that Izayo provided us in the comments is not working at the moment.
    I hope he can fix this little problem as soon as possible 🙂

  3. Dear modder, I downloaded your other weapon mods with great amazement, therefore I wanted to try this mod too, but unfortunately for me, the link is down, I would appreciate it if you had time to re-upload the link.

  4. Hopefully this mod gets the next version before they do the next major update. Love all the other mods you did for the weapons!

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