Zombie Bag Drop Fix

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Since A19 (maybe before), and even now (A20.7 b9), 7 Days to Die has had a kind of bug related to zombie loot bag drops triggering at unexpected times.

You see… Chunks (16×16 segments of the map) store zombies to the region files as changes are being made to them. They will even store *dead* zombies (corpses) so the bodies will show up again if you revisit that part of the map in the future. The corpses are meant to only last for a short period of time, but this is long enough for a player to leave and return (or restart a local game.. or log out and log back into a remote/server game).

Any time a dead zombie is loaded back into the world from a Chunk’s cold storage, the bag drop attempt is triggered *again*!

This seems completely unintentional, so I’ve submitted a bug report to The Fun Pimps (with a suggestion for how to fix this, though they may come up with something better) and have created this mod to try and help admins and players protect against this bug in the meantime.

This mod does the following:

Just before a chunk is being reloaded, the offline entity data that will be used to recreate the zombie corpses is scanned and all dead zombies are not only filtered out from this flow, but are also permanently removed from the chunk’s memory (i.e. they are cleaned out of the system).

This approach has allowed the mod to:

  • Operate very efficiently
  • Support existing maps (no requirement for new maps!!)
  • Support Dedicated servers (only install on the server, you can leave EAC enabled as well)
  • Support Peer-To-Peer multiplayer games (only install on the host, but host needs EAC disabled)
  • Support on local, single-player games (install on the client, but EAC must be disabled; you don’t need it for single player, anyway)


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Jonathan Robertson (Kanaverum)

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