MickkPewPews Server Side Zeds 20.5

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I’ve reworked some of the bosses and added some new mechanics too.

Lucifer makes his return with a new ranged attack, he will no longer have perfect accuracy when targeting a player; Instead now he will scatter his range attack toward the player giving them chances to dodgy the fireballs he launches, Reduced the block hit from 1 tile to 0.5 tiles also.

Pyromaniac is mostly unchanged but now gives a better loot bag when killed.

The Shinigami has been removed but will make a comeback once I add new mechanics to it, if you want the Shinigami in your game simple add him from the older mod, it will still work fine.

Vulture Radiated Boss now has a new ranged attack.

Some new zombies I’d like to introduce you too are the following:

  • Mutated Radiated Boss
  • Spider Radiated Boss
  • Burnt Feral Boss
  • Lumberjack Boss
  • MountainLion Boss
  • DireWolf Boss
  • Zombie Dog Boss
  • Wraith (Rebalanced)
  • Balor The Malevolent World Boss (This does spawn naturally [Wasteland only] but is mainly for Admins of servers to spawn during events or bloodmoon for players to engage with – Trust me, you’ll want a team to take on this boss, he’s designed to take on multiple players and forces them to use different weapons, The longer he’s left alive the worse his debuffs to the player becomes.)

These will all spawn in the Wasteland both during the day and the night. If you’re running a server and don’t want this function simply delete the “Entitygroups.xml” from the mods folder, This way they’ll be exclusive to Admin spawns only.

This mod has been tested on A20.5 up to recently (28.05.2022).

This mod won’t require any of your players to download anything, just the server owner, the files will then push to all players who join.

Note: If spawning these in on bloodmoon be careful, as some of them have abilities that nerf the player in one way or another, Having multiple out may cause the player to rack up debuffs which can be frustrating, I.E Nerfed Range damage, Nerfed Melee Damage, Nerfed Movement, Etc… etc…

Finally, these bosses are all balanced around Vanilla weapons and so the use of external mods that add weapons/damagebuffs may cause these to feel slightly underpowered in groups.

Any issues please feel free to message me here, I’ll try watch this page over the next few days.


Credits: Mickkpewpew

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28 thoughts on “MickkPewPews Server Side Zeds 20.5

  1. Which one is the crawler with the green afro it’s not fun to fight and it’s also problematic with it’s ragdolling I wanna disable it

  2. Nice mod. but had to make following edits in entityclasses.xml to avoid errors:

    1) WraithRB – pointing to wrong archetype “Wraith”. instead have to point to “WraithRB”.

    2) Zombie_TemplatePewPew – mesh property pointing to outdated “zombieStandardBoeRagdoll.prefab”. instead have to point to “ZBoe.prefab”.

    3) Be sure to deleted the file physicsbodies.xml in this mod if you are also using Snufkins Server Side zombies mod. this will fix the duplicate noLegsUMA error.

    4) If you want these zombies to spawn in more biomes, go into entitygroups.xml and clone the first block of code for Wasteland aka “ZombiesWasteland”. then rename “ZombiesWasteland” in the code to “ZombiesAll”. clone another one again and call that block “ZombiesNight”.

  3. when i extract this it seperates into two, config and modinfo.xml, do i just create a new folder and put them back into it?


  4. Hi again 🙂 was wondering if Lucifer zombie something you’re still working on? Admin was testing it and it do try and kill you and players can’t hurt it lol

  5. Hey I am using a custom zombie pack, and noticed there’s an error with the physics file saying theres a duplicate. Is it possible to use the mod without the physics file or make it compatible for the enzombies, snufkin and robeloto mods?

  6. I really enjoyed this mod in A19. Glad to see it make a come back. They certainly add more depth and challenge to the game. Its an adventure for sure!

    1. Thanks a million for those kind words, I’m delighted you’re a fan since A19, I love making new things in 7 days and hearing people are enjoying them is such a humble blessing 🙂

      1. There is no errors in the code, make sure you’re adding the files properly and it’s not conflicting with anything else.

        If you’re unsure on how to add them Scharie you might know some people who may help you.

        1. I got it by looking at your old zombies, but man they can hart things big time 😉 and I’m afraid to reset anything in this darn A20. and how have you been?

        2. And no, they won’t help lol I gave up on getting help there 😉 don’t think they like that I opened my own server and stepped down. a lot has changed in there like Reaper has been gone for over a year and a lot more. He won’t help me ether. so, everyone gets the good stuff on mine LOL.

    1. I won’t be adding them to a bloodmoon spawn because they’re very overwhelming if too many come in at once, you’re more than welcome to Mod that in yourself if you want, You’d want to add a bloodmoon append into the Entitygroups.xml folder.

  7. Great idea! when DL there is no top folder, so not too sure if this will have issues loading into the world. ” just a Config folder and a Modinfo.XML”

    1. Howdy, When you download it, it will come in this folder “mickkpewpew2022” when you unzip that, that is the file you want to add to the Mods folder, Inside that will be the config and mod.xml folder, Hope this helps if any issues pop up.

      If you open it and it brings you to a config folder and mod folder, just go into your downloads folder and right click the folder you downloaded and unzip it from there. Thanks a million for bringing this up I’m sure it would have caught some off guard.

      1. ive tried doing this and it only extracts the config and modinfo.xml files so i dont know what to do to fix it. ty for the help

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