Server Side Vehicles

7 days to die server side vehicles, 7 days to die vehicles

This mod adds 6 new vehicles to the game, only using XML, no new resources. Credit to Ragsy2145 for the original xmlcode for the Raft, and Manux for the inspiration to make the jetpack.

The Vehicles

  • Armored Car: A bit slow, but inside you will be protected from most damage. Also, zombies that touch the spikes will get hurt. Storage: 54 slots.
  • Army Truck: Slower than a jeep and harder to drive, but it has 100 slots of storage.
  • Raft: Useful in maps with lots of water. It must be deployed on shallow water or the seafloor. Doesn’t use gasoline. Storage: 36 slots.
  • Sled: Faster than a bike, uses stamina. Storage: 27 slots.
  • Jetpack: Vertical take off and landing, burns gas like crazy and has low capacity, has more handling than a gyrocopter. Storage: 9 slots.
  • HellBeast: Just to make the motorcycle look cooler and see how far Snufkin could push the vehicle physics until it broke. Faster than the normal bike and with the ability to jump. The flames are part of the headlights, so you can turn them on and off. Storage: 54 slots.

These vehicles were buggy in the beginning, and the server admin where Snufkin was testing them didn’t let him update the mods, so these are pretty much untested in an online environment.

Note for modders: Take a look at the xmls, Snufkin have been exploiting many underused functions that don’t require code and may circumvent the necessity of using custom resources.


  • Changed the code to be more stable. In technical terms, the vehicles no longer depend of the player to load the physics and the models, it turns out they accept the “Buffs” property, so now they load the necessary buff themselves. The ATV is there to play around but isn’t craftable (yet). (new)
  • Now the Armored Car has 4 seats and the Army Truck has 2.
  • Added particles to the Jetpack.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Snufkin

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5 thoughts on “Server Side Vehicles

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    ingredient name=”gunBotRoboticsParts”
    ingredient name=”resourceElectricParts”

  2. Autor of the mods have a reason why this mod dont works on public server !!!
    This wrote he to me : (it is to his another mod that has the same problem…- ServerSideZombies)
    “I found it….. so in case you don’t know, Linux Servers require capitalization on the mod folder structure. Your Config folder was lower case and was not loading at all. I spent 8 hours drilling down on every aspect of your mod only to finally figure out you didn’t have the config folder capitalized… as your zombies are amazing, I believe the time was worth spending to get this to work!! I saw other linux server users complain that your mods don’t work and this is why.”

  3. Well, i tested it offline and on my server and the results are :
    1 – those mods are great idea and working offline
    2 – those mods are NOT working on server !!! :///
    And now one by one :
    Armored Car : i like it really, it looks ugly but it is cool ! Only thing you need to fix are MOVING WHEELS…
    Army Truck : i wanted it from first time i have seen a18 photos…Its GREAT ! Only that NOT moving wheels you need to fix…
    Raft : not bad idea, but there are already mods for raft, good thing – it is a server-only so nobody need to download extra stuff…if it will one day works on server…
    Sled : THAT IT BRUTAL GOOD IDEA !!! I like the barking…only if it moves the legs then it is perfect !!!
    Jetpack : G R E A T IDEA MAN !!!!! Just works perfect (offline…) i like it, it has a good controls, i will use it as some elevator to get on high buildings :)))
    HellBeast : well…it is good too.The wheels are moving already, so it is already done i think.Its fast, the controlls are little worse that normall motorcycle, but thats ok.

    So, i go try to figure out why i dont see those mods on my server…

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