New Perk: Bring It On

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Some people may recognize this perk from having been part of Gnamod. But in an future update the perk will no longer exist in Gnamod but Haidrgna still think people may be interested in adding it to their vanilla games, so here it is as a simple mod.

So What Does This Mod Do?

It adds an extra perk to Strength that allows you to raise the gamestage of the game for you. It does nothing else but make everything harder, so it’s only if you need something to sink points in later, or give yourself an extra challenge.

Also: There is no terms of service on this mod, it’s free to be used in other mods, overhauls, included as is or copied over. Though if you do he would appreciate that he is credited for the work.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Haidrgna

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3 thoughts on “New Perk: Bring It On

  1. When are you guys going to update the console one . Not all of us have a PC,and I really like playing 7 Days to die. Even if it’s just a little bit that would be amazing.

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