The Specialists – A Trader Class Rework

7 days to die the specialists - a trader class rework, 7 days to die trader

It sounds like a nightmare to do but Shino is working (at least trying) to make traders more in line with their appearance/personality.

According to the Wiki

  • Trader Joel: Armor
  • Trader Jen: Medical supplies
  • Trader Bob: Tools and vehicles
  • Trader Rekt: Food and seeds
  • Trader Hugh: Weapons and ammo

Which is fine, but he really doesn’t notice the difference between them.

He has drafted a few good ideas from friends that play with him for each trader.

Trader Joel: General Stuff & Workstations

The sunglasses hide the fact that he doesn’t sleeps. Open 24/7

Joel has that scavenger vibe all over his god damn sexy face. Let’s give him an inventory worthy of someone like him.

General food (mostly canned, some meat, eggs and little vegetables), wood and iron (be it the raw resource or the frame blocks) and the weapons and makeshift armors you can find (low quality, tier and cnd no matter the gs (also dirt cheap)) His secret stash may contain workstations or their blueprints.

Trader Jen: Medical Supplies

As the last medic alive she’s ready to treat your wounds no matter the time. Open 24/7

Bandages, first aid kits and buff items galore. All at a fair price considering the state of the world outside of course. Guaranteed at least 1 antibiotic.

You’ve got an infection? Got no honey? Go to Jen’s. Abrassion and out of bandages? Go to Jen’s. That direwolf just took a bite out of your god damn leg. You’ve guessed it, go to Jen’s.

She has no guns to buy, she does sell ammo since she finds them when looting around. She’s a pharmacist not a harmacist. She might sell you the things she uses to cut open her patients.

Trader Bob: Tools and Vehicles

Guy hates the morning, works late to compensate. Opens 12:30 | Closes 03:50

He sells bits and bobs. Get it? Trader Bob, bits and bobs?

He has a inventory similar to Joel’s, more iron oriented and sells repair kits almost every time.

The catch? His secret stash has only 1 item. A gamestage+1 vehicle in acceptable condition. So bikes, minibikes, the cooler bike, 4×4 and gyro. (neither of them guaranteed) (secret stash is either the vehicles or the parts to make them and the blueprint) To balance this, ofc, they’re pricey. He also has electronics in stock, lights, speakers, generators and stuff.

Trader Rekt: Food and Seeds

The Blake Abernathy of the Zombie Apocalypse. Open: 4:01 | Closes 20:30

A ray of sunshine on the wasteland.

He sells food (raw, cooked and seed) and hunting stuff. (Mid quality hunting rifles and ammo for it)

His grandma taught him to cook so he has the best food you’ll ever eat. Also, remember the Grandpa’s recipes? Well, turns out he’s that grandpa. Secret stash filled with them. He buys NOTHING but food too. Canned, liquid, rotten, don’t care. Secret stash might have farm plots ready for you.

Trader Hugh: Weapons, Ammo, Armor, Traps

He might get upset at you burning daylight, but if he does it then its fine. Open: 11:00 | Close: 00:00

The guy only knows one thing and that’s how to kill zombies.

Weapons and their parts. Armor, mods and ammo. Any kind of trap. Secret stash has weapon blueprints and the best quality weapons you can find on the wasteland these days.

If you’ve got beef with the undead, he’s the right guy to pay a visit. Otherwise get out of his compound cause you’re burning daylight.

Shino also make some changes to the Vanilla clutter list that every trader has so it includes a little bit more decorations. Trader inventories have been tweaked to reflect such changes.

TL;DR traders now have more specialized inventories and open/close hours.

Good ideas will be implemented and bad ideas will be discussed upon until they become good. Feel free to test stuff and tell him how it feels. Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Shino

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4 thoughts on “The Specialists – A Trader Class Rework

  1. Does your file remove Solar Panels from the Traders? I see no mention of them in the desc, and my builder has had no luck buying any since installing this. He has max trader.

    In addition, there is a gameplay aspect I would like to bring up that is…rather game-breaking. Trader Joel being open 24/7. It is rather easy to abuse this during……certain nights. Even if he were close for 4 hours a night, it would go a long way to closing this. Unless that is a feature, it is just too easy to exploit.

    Otherwise, I rather like the mod and what it is tries to do, and for the most part, does it well. I think my friends are mostly on-board with it overall as wel.


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