AK47 Auto Turret

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Adds a buildable / buyable auto turret that uses 7.62 HP ammo.

It has longer range and more damage than the vanilla game 9mm auto turret, but within the parameters of the game as not to be overpowering.

Should be compatible with any other mods.


Simply unzip into main … 7daystodie / Mods … folder as any other simple mod. If u have no Mods folder under main game directory, simply create one and unzip it there so it ends up like … <game folder> / Mods / <MyMod>



Credits: Furious Angel

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3 thoughts on “AK47 Auto Turret

  1. ez property name=”AmmoItem” value=”ammo762mmBulletHP

    UPDATE property name=”AmmoItem” value=”ammo7.62mmBulletHP


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