Apocalypse Now Mod

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This mod makes 7 Days to Die more fun and challenging.


  • HP/Stamina Goes up to 400
  • For every level you gain, your game-stage is increased with 2.4 instead of the 1.2 you gain in vanilla.
  • The player Starts with 4 Starter Kits
  • New list of zombies and Hostile Animals
  • Re-done horde-nights/sleepers/screamer hordes
  • Custom Wandering hordes
  • The candy is craft-able now (to unlock it you need Master Chef Third perk)
  • Action skills are back!
  • All the progression Perks Locked with Player Level
  • New Custom Food/Drinks
  • Added High Tier guns and tools
  • Added Research System
  • Basic Survival has been shortened to Crafting your Bed-Roll And placing it down
  • Added Scrap tools And melee weapons
  • Added 12 Generated Maps with Combo-pack 47
  • Added Stainless steel And Titanium Blocks
  • Change Night vision Goggles color from green to red
  • Added Higher Tier For heave and Light Armor
  • Traders re-stock every 3 days
  • Traders Now is destructible and Open all the time
  • Added new Ammo and explosive types
  • Increased zombie spawn/respawn rate!

Special thanks to Bdubyah, Xyth, JaxTeller718, KhaineGB, Sirillion, Telric, Unforgiven, War3zuk for those great mods:


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: killerbunny264, Bdubyah, Xyth, JaxTeller718, KhaineGB, Sirillion, Telric, Unforgiven, War3zuk

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3 thoughts on “Apocalypse Now Mod

  1. I would love to use the mod but the entire items XML wont apply aside from the food, not sure how to fix it

  2. I noticed that there are two seperate locations of the items in the mod. would be appreciative if someone helped me fix that.

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