Shooty Explosive Traps

7 days to die shooty explosive traps, 7 days to die traps

Few years ago Izayo wrote a wishlist about something like this and now he made it come true.

Added 3 Explosive traps that required some bullet to detonate (shoot at it)

  1. Gas Bomb Trap = Medium AOE, Medium damage
  2. Fragmentation Bomb Trap = Wide AOE (9-10 block), Low damage
  3. Improvised Bomb Trap = Small AOE, High damage
  • Every blocks has 2 HP for easy to detonate, can be repaired, pickup by any harvest tools (don’t use fist).
  • The block has 2 variants = Center, Corner. Hold “R” to change
  • If it doesn’t explode try aim lower at the base sticks (some angle of the hitboxs aren’t working and he doesn’t know how to fix)
  • Craft at the workbench and unlock with “Demolitions Expert” perk 1, 2, 3

Example Video

Special thanks to many free models from Sketchfab.

Download from Mega
Download from Google Drive

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Izayo

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