Non Script Radios: Eurobeat, Electro Funk

7 days to die non script radios eurobeat electro funk, 7 days to die sound mod

This mods bring simple not script two radios with near 50 minutes of music each. You can make this radios in workbench, once placed music start non stop till pick up. The music selected are Eurobeat mix and Electro Funk.



If you appreciate nobody (peronperon)’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

Credits: nobody (peronperon)

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4 thoughts on “Non Script Radios: Eurobeat, Electro Funk

  1. Honestly, they’re TOO LOUD. I mean these will drown out the Auger if mining in the Desert, but the volume is only adjusted with my remote, in game it’s a Zombie magnet w/no way to adjust. I love the idea and muzik tracks but …

    1. yeah, sadly i dont know how script a volume adjust option in the device . I choose the volume level based in the size of my fort and the posibility to hear movent outside. The good thing of this device it can be place anywere whitout the need of electricity and wiring. Sorry!

    1. to be real, they are more blocks whit sound XD. Can u give me an example of gothique industrial, maybe a link? Thank for the feedback

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