BFT2020 Trader Mod

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Removes quest rewards and some overall tweaks to the trader system. Has custom trader POIs that are not required – they have custom vending machines in order to have different settings – deleting the POI files will cause the vending machines to revert back to the vanilla trader groups.

NOTE: If the mod mentions custom assets (POIs, models, icons, etc), then it needs to be installed on both server and client machines in MP games.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: BFT2020

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3 thoughts on “BFT2020 Trader Mod

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t know my mod was linked here

      It does a bit more than just remove trader quests

      List of changes made:
      • Traders – Open for 12 hours now, have different opening and closing times
      o Open at 4:05, closes at 16:00 – Hugh and Rekt
      o Open at 8:05, closes at 20:00 – Joel, Jen, and Bob
      • Selling prices of items with quality levels increased (from 0.4,8 to 1,10)
      • Inventory reset times for traders and vending machines changed from 4 to 7 (every week)
      • Quest reward items removed from completion awards
      o Flat 10% increase to Dukes as compensation
      o Daring Adventure Perk Level 4 now gives a 30% increase in Duke rewards instead of 20%
      • Magazines and ammo in trader lists doubled to account for removing quest rewards
      • Food, drink, and candy inventories doubled in vending machines
      • Updated localization file for Daring Adventures changes – English only

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