A21.1 B6 EXP Release

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Alpha 21.1 Experimental is out!

Today The Fun Pimps bring you their first point release for A21 to Experimental.

To opt in please follow these steps:

  1. Right click on the game in steam
  2. Click on properties
  3. Click the “betas” tab
  4. The drop down menu will have latest_experimental available <— you want THAT
  5. Select that and wait for the game to download

They recommend you start a new game when participating in EXP. They are not aware of anything affecting existing savegames negatively. If you plan on using your regular savegame, they advise of at least making a backup.

Here is what changed since A21 b324 stable:


  • Tier 5 hotel_ostrich
  • Moderator OzHawkeye to credits
  • Ability to change prices for twitch actions through Twitch Info Screen.
  • Ability to reset prices for all twitch actions through Twitch Options Screen.
  • Loot entries have tags and if set then will ignore if looter has no matching tags
  • Opening loot container adds masterChef2 loot tag if player has Master Chef level 2
  • Loot container console command to log the results of opening a container
  • Extend ClientInfo logging
  • Prefab ins file read error log
  • Trader placement protected area of 3 meters on each side
  • Missing localization for buffBatterupStealingBasesName and buffBatterupStealingBasesDesc
  • Nest Audio open/close/destroy
  • ApproachDistraction AITasks added to cop, demo, and mutated zombies


  • Twitch: Extended the cooldown times for all supply crates.
  • Twitch: Extended the cooldown times for all vision effects.
  • Adjusted point costs for twitch actions to be multiples of 25.
  • Updated Master Chef progression to use new hard coded masterChef2 tag instead of LootProb
  • Updated dumpster loot to work with new hard coded masterChef2 tag
  • Removed unneeded tags from items.xml used in old progression setup
  • Remove event spawned zombies when Homerun Derby ends.
  • No longer require overlay if not using Twitch Actions.
  • Show the current crafting level when showing the unlock level required in the crafting info.
  • Trader area calculations are done dynamically
  • Increased trader protected area by 1 meter on each side
  • Stopped camera shake running at zero strength when no damage
  • Updated stats on all armor for linear progression
  • Adjusted vehicle revert collision motion
  • Broken vehicles take 10% collision damage
  • Reduced the amount of explosives in Twitch crates by half
  • Removed explosives from mystery supplies channel point redeem.
  • Missing collider property and tags on chainlinkGateDouble and chainlinkGateDoubleWide to be consistent with other chain link doors
  • Adjusted colliders on various bed prefabs
  • Adjusted colliders on chairCampingPrefab
  • Updated crossbow/compound crossbow mod slots to mirror .44 magnum/vulture
  • House_modern_26 replaced regular window by bulletproof windows.
  • Updated progression for Effective Range and Max Durability stats for tools and weapons
  • Updated Melee Damage on Steel Club that got missed on the first progression pass
  • Bows now show Effective Range
  • Removed hideui tag from roadside_truckstop_01 to allow the localization name to show on the location HUD
  • Dew Collectors now harvest for components instead of itself with a 50/50 roll for the filter. They still have the land claim block radial menu option to pick up.
  • Updated valid trees with path solid property
  • Adjusted colliders on boxesCardboardPalletPrefab and boxesCardboardTilePrefab
  • Updated several loot lists to prevent 100% Q6 T1 tools in containers after loot stage 55 as it was only intended to be a boost for Working Stiffs crates
  • Reduced gas production to 2 gas per shale and sped up crafting time
  • Removed already disabled jiggle script from neck of Demolisher to prevent the head collider from being disabled at a distance
  • Increased the amount of cloth needed for various recipes
  • Adjusted the weights on various items that scrap to cloth to adjust for the increased crafting costs
  • Updated loot lists for generic vehicle loot to not have T2 or T3 weapons\tools
  • Generic vehicle loot now has a low chance for vehicle skill magazines with another low chance for others
  • GroupCarWeaponsTools now has a chance for meleeToolSalvageT1Wrench
  • AmmoGasCan moved from groupRareAutomotive to groupAutomotive
  • Increased the economic value for ammoGasCan
  • All Traders now have ammoGasCan for sell
  • Updated the localization for timed charges to insure players know what they are effective against


  • AirDropFrequency setting for dedicated servers needs to be limited to same choices valid for SP
  • Stuns do not reset the stun counter when stacked.
  • Zombie attack can break after receiving fall damage (Hit tag)
  • Entity vertical movement could cause incorrect results for finding entities in chunks
  • Floating terrain deco issue in countrytown_business_03.
  • AI pathing issues with cube_corner_beveled not having the path solid property
  • #mindwipe does not work correctly on servers.
  • House_old_mansard_03 stability issue.
  • Twitch Prime Subs were not registering their events correctly.
  • Always do authorization cleanup on main thread
  • Steam game servers list reports incorrect port to connect to game
  • Robo sledging a player on a vehicle breaks camera
  • Vehicles could take increased collision damage from blocks due to player block damage setting
  • Player third person pose (ragdoll/vehicle) would stay in last positions when switching to first person leading to inconsistent hits and possibly ugly anim blends
  • Sleeper volumes trying to spawn an entity that just died
  • Vehicles being excessively damaged from separate collision events
  • Particles did not try to play on a dedi so the player noise creation was skipped, this resulted in different stealth and zombie behavior on servers compared to single player
  • Wrong tag used to scale the steel when crafting higher quality levels of junk turrets
  • NRE: Exiting game before camera stops shaking.
  • Typo with woodenGarageDoor5x3_PoweredOak in the woodenGarageDoor5x3_PoweredBlockVariantHelper causing errors
  • Typo with woodenGarageDoor5x3_PoweredOak key in localization
  • Updated trader stage baseTier1 template to allow an overlap between iron and steel tools/weapons
  • Swapped two wanderingHordeStageGS groups that were out of order
  • Updated all 3 control panel corner duct prefabs with missing Ref Parent script on the colliders

Source: Official Forum Topic

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