Auto Mechanics

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Creates auto mechanic traders and workstations.


New Motor Vehicle Workstation

This mod adds a new workstation, which is required to craft motor vehicles and their parts. The workstation is not needed for bicycles.

This workstation cannot be crafted. It is only available at the new auto mechanic trader.

New Auto Mechanic Trader

This mod also adds a new auto mechanic trader. This trader has specialized loot, consisting only of things needed to craft motor vehicles, and sells only schematics related to motor vehicles.

The trader still gives the traditional quests, and offers the same rewards as 7D2D traders upon completing these quests.

This trader is the only place that you can find the new motor vehicle workstation, and so is the only place where players can craft motor vehicles.

Technical Details

This mod uses XPath to modify XML files, and does not require SDX or DMT. It should be compatible with EAC. Servers should automatically push the XML modifications to their clients, so separate client installation should not be necessary.

Adding the Auto Mechanic to Vanilla RWG Maps

The trader is already integrated with vanilla RWG. It is spawned as a trader, but can spawn half as close to each other as other traders, which should increase the likelihood of spawning.

The trader is placed in the world when that world is generated. You will need to create a new world after installing this mod.

Adding the Auto Mechanic to Navezgane

Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically place POIs in Navezgane via XML. If you are playing on Navezgane, you will have to place this trader manually, after the world is already generated.

Adding the Auto Mechanic to Nitrogen Maps

There is a file named prefablist_khzmusik_AutoMechanics.txt in the root of this mod folder. This is an addition to the prefab list which will tell Nitrogen how to spawn the auto mechanic.

To use it in Nitrogen, you will need to add the file contents to the end of whichever prefab list you are currently using in Nitrogen. For example, if you are using it with the Compo Pack (currently at version 47), add the contents to the end of the prefablist_CompoPack_47.txt file.

By default, the auto mechanic trader is spawned in Nitrogen’s “trader”, “industrial”, “hillbillyjunk”, and “carlot” placement zones. This is because this trader is the only place where you can craft vehicles. You may add or remove whichever Nitrogen placement zones that you want, by removing/adding the placement zones at the end of the line in the text file (semicolon-delimited).

As with 7D2D RWG, the trader is placed in the world when that world is generated. You will need to create a new world after installing this mod.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Khzmusik

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  1. …4×4 accessories sticks in the OUTPUT window – can’t retrieve them (seems to be stuck in the 2nd slot).

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