Customized NitroGen Map for A18

7 days to die customized nitrogen map for a18, 7 days to die maps, 7 days to die biomes

This is a 7DTD map generated in combination with nitrogen rules, libnoise and hand painting in photoshop layers.

The biomes, snow layers and terrain are customized. Roads and paths are overgrown to keep with the theme. There are hidden paths to the elevated pois. Rough terrain between city groups. But there are more than enough POI’s to plunder.


  • 8192 by 8192 map.
  • Elevated snow biome.
  • Subtle changes in cliff facings.
  • Dust particles are shut off.
  • Custom biome configuration.
  • Elevated Wilderness Pois.
  • Created in A18.2 B5
  • This layout has 6372 pois to explore.

This will be his default map. He will edit the lighting and maybe place a few watersources later.

Change anything you want.

Biomes 3.0 5 color render added.


Extract folder to your worlds folder. Rename your biomes.xml and copy his biomes to config folder. Start new game and point to NitroGenMap3.

Download the Map
Download Biomes 3.0 5 Color Render (This is the link for the re edited biomes png Index color verified to have 5 color only.)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: 4sheetzngeegles

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One thought on “Customized NitroGen Map for A18

  1. Just curious, but does this work with Darkness Falls , Ravenhurst or War3zuks overhaul mods? Nitrogen can make the allowences for Darkness Falls and add the special areas and the special POI’s it needs to work, does this have those?

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