Sam’s Special Ammo

7 days to die sam's special ammo, 7 days to die ammo

A little server-side mod that adds a few extra tactical ammo types:

  • A concussion grenade, which knocks down enemies but does low damage
  • A shock grenade, which electrifies everybody in a 6 metre radius
  • Shock arrows and bolts, which act like a taser – shocking and knocking down any enemy they hit
  • A heavy snowball – a little more effective than the basic snowball, since it’s got a rock in the middle of it

7 days to die sam's special ammo additional screenshot 1

7 days to die sam's special ammo additional screenshot 2

The grenades are gated behind Demolitions Expert, or by finding the schematics, and the arrows can be unlocked by completing the Ranger book series, or progressing in Advanced Engineering.

Anybody can stick a rock in a snowball.


  • (new) Fixed a bug with the shock arrows and bolts that would sometimes cause the shock buff to apply to the player instead of the target, when sneaking. Weird.
  • Bugfix – Shock Bolts weren’t available as an ammo type for the Iron Crossbow. They are now.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Saminal

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3 thoughts on “Sam’s Special Ammo

  1. in A21 This has errors the grenades and the snowballs still work but their image when holding and throwing looks like cloth. Still, explode and do damage but look weird. In the inventory, they appear as they should. The arrows look and act like they should.

  2. Error code on recipe for Shock Arrows when clicking on recipe.
    After that, the game becomes unplayable until you restart.

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