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  1. So (thinking) why (pray tell) don’t you give us just new paint on textures with 0 Hit Points … hmmm … I mean I went to a lot of trouble to make a steel walled base, now this ! My brain hurts thinking what to do now …

    1. I mean im not disrespecting, the textures are amazing for sure! sorry if i came off strong, didnt mean it in a bad way. just for me i wish it was in the paint wheel option is all. its nice work i just cant use them myself because how OP they are with how easy they are to make but all in all thats just my opinion. either way your work is fantastic.

    2. @Rajakin

      I don’t have enough HP for the steel blocks. with Hard Hordes, the bases were always broken. that’s why I gave these blocks 20k HP. Brush textures didn’t give me the desired behavior during the tests. Please tell me What can be improved about the mod?

      1. I suggest keeping the awesomeness in 20K blocks, but just offer us veterans (3600 hours) a simple choice of using your neat textures as a paint on (over steel) for more variety … or create new color paint and textures for us to use, just a thought. My Bases have Auto Turrets that mate, and produce even more Auto Turrets, and with their lil brothers the Dart Traps, and Mother of all Electric Fences sharing space with Big Daddy Fire Trap, my Base doesn’t need 20K blocks, the Zombie don’t get that far, so.

        1. Yes, my mod Leutzschland also has such towers. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to design the blocks as a brush texture. So far I have not found any information that it is possible, unfortunately!

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