Hunt the Demolishers!

7 days to die hunt the demolishers, 7 days to die loot, 7 days to die clothing, 7 days to die biomes, 7 days to die zombies


  • New and more Demolishers. Some with weapons!
  • Biome progression system
  • End Game Goals and Rewards


The Desert, Snow and Wasteland Biomes have evolved in to very dangerous Biomes due to Climate change. You can not survive in these Biomes without wearing special protection technology. This tech has been developed by new evolved Demolishers and is closely garded by them. These Demolishers roam the towns in search of humans like you and will attack using different methods in each Biome. As the Biomes get more dangerous, so do the Demolishers. Only by defeating them can you obtain enough tech to craft your own protection to advance into new Biomes.

End Game

The Demolishers have also hidden the most powerfull equipment! The only way you can find Tier 6 Legendary items is to craft special Glasses from parts gained from defeating enough Demolishers in the Wasteland. Only then will you be able to use the best equipment to comfortably survive the most dangerous Biome.

The Demolishers spawn in addition to the regular Zed’s, but will get more dangerous as you progress through each Biome.

Differences to Vanilla Game

  • 4 variants of Demolishers
  • Lethal Biomes – You will die if you enter any other Biome than Pine Forest without wearing the appropriate coat of protection
  • Legendary Tier 6 items are no longer included in Loot or from Traders until you reach the End Game
  • New items – ingredients to craft protection coats and Tier 6 Legendary Loot glasses
  • A much more challenging game. As you progress, the Demo’s get tougher and more deadly. This mod is not aimed at new players of 7DTD. You have been warned!

This is my first Mod. It is not compatible with 7DTD v1.0, and has not been tested with earlier versions than Alpha 21.2. It has not been tested with multiplayer, Twitch or (many) other Mods, so run these at your own risk.

Known Bugs

I had intended for no Tier 6 Loot to be available until the Endgame, but it seems T6 weak items are still lootable before then, such as T6 Armor and T6 Pipe weapons.


Special Thanks to Mathew – author of ‘Apocalyptic Quests‘ mod for code to equip a Demolisher with a Rocket Launcher. Kudos!

How to Play

  • Download Mod into the ‘Mods’ folder in your main 7DTD directory. If you don’t already have a ‘Mods’ folder, create one.
  • Before stating a new game, you must ensure the map you use/generate has clear access from the Pine Forest Biome to the Desert Biome.
  • Turn off EAC!


Credits: AndySinx, Mathew (Apocalyptic Quests)

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One thought on “Hunt the Demolishers!

  1. Hi everyone !
    I think I have corrected the ‘Known Bugs’ issue. If you have downloaded this mod before 17th June’24, please re-download & overwrite.
    Happy Hunting !

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