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ocbMaurice would like to proudly present his Electricity Overhaul Mods:

This mod tries to solve issues with the existing electricity implementation and tries to improve overall handling with power items and sources. It lets you form bigger grids with multiple power source that feel more natural. It consists of several other smaller mods that should all work standalone.

  • Electricity Overhaul (Harmony/SDX)
  • Electricity Wire Colors (Harmony/SDX)
  • Electricity Workarounds (Harmony)
  • Electricity No Wires (Harmony)
  • Electricity Solar Recipes (XML)

All mods have been developed with the great DMT Modding Tool. To install simply clone the GitHub repos into your DMT mod folder. Or use this script.

Note: Script is barely tested, use it at your own risk (read/edit it first!) Download and save it into your main folder then simply execute it.

Main Features

  • Power sources can be connected like every other power item
  • Power can be taken from any upstream power source
  • Prioritize renewable energy before using gasoline
  • Additional grid demand/supply and charge statistics
  • Batteries are all charged/discharged when in a bank
  • Recipes for solar panels and cells (behind engineering perk)
  • Solar power gradually fades in and out at dawn and dusk.

7 days to die electricity overhaul mod additional screenshot 1

7 days to die electricity overhaul mod additional screenshot 2

Additional Features (Also Compatible With Vanilla Game)

  • Color wires according to power state – see which ones are un(der)powered
  • Hide wires when the wiring tool is not equipped (except trip wires and fence posts)
  • Fix issue with power duration and e.g. motion sensors
  • Fix issue with trigger groups forcefully untriggering downstream triggers
  • Fix issue with start delay and triggered duration if trigger is too fast


Found the time to put another major upgrade into the mod (v0.2.0).

  • Battery Banks now have in-game options from which sources they should charge from
  • Diesel Generators are no longer favored over Battery Banks for power consumption

7 days to die electricity overhaul mod changelog screenshot

The change was necessary in order to truly have generators as sole backups. This way a user can decide if batteries should be charged from generators or only from solar panels. This should hopefully allow for better fine tuned grid management.

Unfortunately this changes implicates that we have to persist these settings in the save files. In order to allow loading of vanilla maps, He has added an experimental option, that will read the save file from vanilla and initialize new options with default settings. Once the save files are written, the new fields are written too.

So make sure to only enable this option exactly once (and make Backups!).

P.s. before this change this mod was fully compatible with existing saves.

Compatibility and Further Notes

This is the first “release” and while he tested it quite thoroughly, he hasn’t really used this mod for a full game yet. So he does expect that there are a few bugs lurking in there. He also doesn’t know how well this will scale in multi-player, since it does add quite a lot more load than the original implementation, but might be just fine even with bigger and more grids.

He has developed and tested this mod against version a19.6b8.

All the best and good zombie hunting!

Download Electricity Overhaul
Download Electricity Wire Colors
Download Electricity Workarounds
Download Electricity No Wires
Download Electricity Solar Recipes

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: ocbMaurice

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