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7 days to die electricity bugfixes mod, 7 days to die electricity

This mod itself is a bit older, but ocbMaurice recently added a fix that should hopefully fix the cases where one looses all power related items, like wiring, batteries and fuel. Therefore he though it might be worth to mention it here explicitly, although the other fixes are also pretty nice to have. 🙂 Hope that is okay, as this mod is also linked from his bigger electricity overhaul mod topic, and as with all his other electricity related mods, it also works standalone.

Currently there are four fixes/improvements included:

1) Fix Trigger Groups Where Each Trigger Has Different Options

This issues can easily be reproduced by using two pressure plates. Configure the upstream plate to instant triggering and the downstream plate to have a power duration of e.g. 30 seconds. Now trigger this plate (starting the 30 seconds timer) and afterwards step on and off the upstream plate. This will reset the 30 seconds timer and turn off the whole trigger group. One could argue that this is the desired behavior, but he believe each trigger should only be reset according to its local options.

2) Better Power Duration Support With Sensors/Triggers

If you configure a Motion Sensor or a Trip Wire to have a power runtime and trigger it permanently, the trigger will constantly turn itself off after the duration and then on again. This fix will reset the duration as long as the trigger is active, therefore only counting down the duration once the trigger is deactivated (e.g. target moved out of range/sight). He believe this is actually a bug in the original code, since the correct implementation seems to be there, but simply one level nested too deeply inside another (unrelated) condition.

3) Fix Triggers With Delay and ‘Triggered’ Duration

This Bug can be seen if you connect a pressure plate and set it to have a start delay and power duration to ‘triggered’. If you quickly step over the plate, the power will go on after the delay but never turn off. Power should never be on in the first place in this case. This applies also to trip wires and motion sensors.

4) Potential Fix for power.dat Resets

Ever lost your whole wiring and other power related stuff, like batteries and fuel? Version 0.3.2 includes a fix for this vanilla issue that at least fixes the most obvious cases where it is happening. Of course no guarantee that it catches all potential cases.

He also made a small demo to illustrate one of the issues addressed:

All the bugs and this mod have been reported to TFP, but so far not much has improved. Let’s hope they can at least fix the power.dat overwrite issue, as it is a simple and obvious fix.

All the best and good zombie hunting!


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: ocbMaurice

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