7 days to die spawninplace, 7 days to die respawn


  • Player now respawns at death location with a 10-second (configurable in Config/buffs.xml) invulnerability buff for running away
  • Challenge quests no longer auto-fail on death
  • Optional: Uncomment lines in Config/entityclasses.xml to remove death XP penalty

Mod Installation

Extract the archive or copy cloned git repo to <7D2D_Home>/Mods dir. This mod uses Harmony and will only work with A20 and above.

Full source code: GitHub


Credits: devopsdinosaur

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2 thoughts on “SpawnInPlace

  1. So I just tested this out in a game. I like it, it definitely makes the gameplay for me better. Cause unfortunately there have been times when zombies have managed to kill me in some “unfair” ways and instead of now having to spawn on a bedroll. Running back to where I died. I get to spawn in a place where I died. I also like the 10-second immunity grace period. Gives me a fighting chance to kill the zombies!

  2. To add only thing I wonder is how it works out on a multiplayer server. Since sometimes lag and all that can interfere with such things.

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