H7SB Furnitures

7 days to die h7sb furnitures, 7 days to die building materials

H7SB Furnitures is a server-side mod that contains various decoration blocks and a new chest system.

This mod has additional modules that can be optionally activated.

Reworked Open/Lockable

Except for special chests, most inventories are not lockable.

Lockable inventories are smaller than open ones and marked with an lock icon.

Wooden Chest/Furniture Blocks are not lockable.

Leather/Iron/Steel and Writable Chests are lockable.

New 13 Writable Chests (12 Colors)

Reworked 145 Wooden Furniture Blocks

Reworked 196 Iron Furniture Blocks

New 34 Paper Decoration Blocks

New 31 Stone Decoration Blocks

New 24 Polymer Decoration Blocks

New 77 Technic Decoration Blocks

New 17 Gore Decoration Blocks

Reworked 24 Bath Decoration Blocks

Reworked 10 Bullet Proof Glass Blocks

Reworked 31 Business Glass Blocks

New 72 Shop Sign Decoration

Reworked 6 Wooden Sign Decoration

Optional: Modules

“xFurnitures(easy)” Lower recipe costs for writable chest and raise inventory size of all storages.

7 days to die h7sb mods yt

Leave a thumbs up on the mod (youtube) you like to ensure that it gets an update for A21. Mods (youtube) with less thumbs up may be depreciated or deleted.

Mod Installation

  1. Download and unpack (“extract here”) the Zip data.
  2. Place it into your “Mods” folder.
  3. Have fun!

Module Installation

  1. Go inside the h7sb mod folder.
  2. Copy & paste (NOT drag & drop) the module you like into the main “Mods” folder.
  3. Have fun!

Copyrights: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

  • You are allowed to use this mod for your private use (singleplayer/multiplayer/server).
  • You are allowed to use this mod as part of your custom modpack (as separated mod).
  • You are not allow to reupload it without permission (exception mentioned)!
  • Of cause your allow to take inspiration to improve your existing code!


If you appreciate Eihwaz’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Eihwaz, AgentRain, TSBX, Nuvar

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2 thoughts on “H7SB Furnitures

  1. hello thank you for the really great mode on the other hand I cannot find the cans of gasoline and if possible can be seen to add the control panels of the factories thank you in advance

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