Army of Bandits (Contains EliteZombies)

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Have you ever wanted human enemies into 7 Days to Die? This mod brings bandits and other human enemies to increase challenge. This mod was modified and edited from original EliteZombies mod so Credits go to original mod authors as well but credits for adding bandits and human enemies goes to ChaseNum. Hopefully you enjoy the mod and maybe in he future human enemies can be improved and made more realistic. These bandits are basically moving like zombies but they still have human voice and use human skin and also they drop exclusive loot. You can loot human enemies hitting their dead bodies using a weapon but knife or blade weapon is recommended.

7 days to die army of bandits (contains elitezombies) additional screenshot 1

7 days to die army of bandits (contains elitezombies) additional screenshot 2

7 days to die army of bandits (contains elitezombies) additional screenshot 3

7 days to die army of bandits (contains elitezombies) additional screenshot 4


Credits: ChaseNum, Lo-X, Ratbertt

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28 thoughts on “Army of Bandits (Contains EliteZombies)

    1. Hi Joni! Currently A21 does not support archetypes properly or it has something to do with since TFP removed ZombieUMA thing so this mod does not work at all in A21 atm but I am trying to figure it out if it is possible somehow in the near future. The mod is safe in my directories so I will definitely republish it once it works ๐Ÿ‘

      My bandits in A20 were basically zombies with human skins and sounds so since archetype skins do not work in zombies in A21 atm which also makes snufkin’s custom zombie mod hard to update, we need to wait a little or just keep figuring a way to do it. But I keep checking sites about this topic aswell if I find something new.

  1. This mod is closed for now. I will republish this when it works with A21 and some changes are done also

    1. Why stop publishing? Taking it away is like burning books.

      it worked well for me in Alpha 20. But i lost data on HD and still play Alpha 20.

  2. 2023-05-25T21:55:05 329.550 ERR XML loader: loading and parsing ‘sounds.xml’ failed
    2023-05-25T21:55:05 329.554 EXC An item with the same key has already been added.

    The above error occurs.
    Can I use the SnufkinCustomZombiesPLUS_A20 in combination with SnufkinCustomZombiesPLUS_A20?

  3. Just use Score and the NPC packs for bandits , raiders, military etc… this is old school and there is much better ways to put bandits in your game that can be hired, follow you, guard etc.

    1. This is server side mod and meant to be as well. That Score or the npc cpmmunity mod is not server side.

  4. Would love to try this out, but I can’t because of the Mother F…. being yelled. lol
    My wife is fine with zombies eating brains, but not bad language around the kids. ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. haha ya the sound is same what test bandits in very old version used to have and the audio is still in the game but not used officially and ya those bandit sounds need to be little more friendly but still ok so far and works well for human enemies. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. How about “Come ON, you Mother engager in sexual relations” Lol.
      Seriously though I get your point. I take care of my elderly mum, and even though she’s in her own room she called to me “What’s going on Steve? Are you OK?” and I was only playing the video. I had to go in and tell her it was one of my games. Pretty comical too – considering I’m 62 years old. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. ya maybe once the real official bandits come to 7dtd, they can be improved a lot and I even have dreamed long time to have human companion in 7dtd bit like in sons of the forest but it is not possible most likely in server side but I know there is this npc community mod but it requires EAC off and it’s not fully server side but we’ll see. Official human companion would be very cool and especially if the appearance can be changed.

  5. Please add Oakraven to the credits. ChaseNum is credited for the bandits but AngryBandit is copied (with minimal change) from Oakraven’s ‘Banditguardman’ archetype from the Oak’s Pet Animals and Guards A20 Mod. There may be more but this is being used as the main mod image. ChaseNum, please get permission before using another persons’ creative ideas.

    1. Very sad that they copy my hard work in getting it to work
      and still get it wrong.
      They just need to ask me for help and i will help them to fix it for them ๐Ÿ™ .

    2. Well to be honest, it is not really that much copied and that whole archetype is mainly TFP property cuz that content is used from official 7dtd game why it is also server side support but that skin is also not new at all and really no ones. I remember the real test bandits since A15 and banditmelee has that exact look as well. Practically I may have copied the skin little bit from old A15/16 versions cuz that kind of bandit used to exist there as well.

      1. The color Oakraven selected for the tribal tattoo is 78,22,161. This is the deep purple.
        This is a color Oakraven uses a lot and is well know for it.

        The color used for the exact tribal tattoo in Army of Bandits is 78,22,161. It is an exact copy.

        This is one of a multitude. I need not continue. These are TFP assets. We have permission to use them. To copy another modders creation and take credit with a courtesy request for permission is what it is. Had you asked, Oakraven would have obliged and even offered to fix up those attachments. But no…

    3. You may have a good point otherwise but pretty much as long the content is used from 7dtd game, it is really no ones but still I am aware of this. And btw that Oakraven’s npc mod is amazing and I have been trying to create companions using a little help of the mod that they would follow players in server even move but right now it is not possible cuz for example drone’s AI is hidden well somewhere and movement is only possible in server but it is very buggy so at least server side human companion is either very difficult to make or even impossible.

  6. 2023-05-04T23:08:25 131.437 ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing ” failed
    2023-05-04T23:08:25 131.438 EXC An item with the same key has already been added. Key: crawlerstepcloth

    1. Hmm, that’s odd, I believe you may have a mod that has a conflict between this mod. Do you have the original EliteZombies mod installed cuz it seems like it has some duplicate probably. Does the mod still work normally so is that error ignorable? But lemme know if there is some.

      1. I have the same problem above, it works fine on SP but when my wife tries to log on my server, it shows the same error

        1. Currently A21 does not support Proper UMA so it might not be possible to update it but I keep checking for intel and once I find out a trick I do it asap.

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