In-Universe Junk – New Food and Drink Items* To Populate Your Random Gen

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(*More to be added as vergilsparda learn xpath coding, like junk, medications, and recipes)


In-Universe Junk includes the food, and in time, junk and clutter that you can find on store shelves, in freezers and coolers and around the world, but wasn’t actually “in” the game. You can now find the various food items on said shelves alongside vanilla food and ingredients now! A shelf with a six pack might actually have a six pack now, or some vanilla wafers, chips, or raw flour, if that’s your thing. But don’t expect them to always be fresh! After all, food does go stale after a while*.

*Some of the food will take away health, because it’s considered “stale” based on if it’s reasonably perishable in real life, this doesn’t add a special buff or anything, just to clarify. Maybe in time it will!

This is a mod vergilsparda has been wanting to make since The Fun Pimps added in the new block models, but he didn’t know how to do xpath modding until recently.


Screenshots of a few of the items in this mod found out in random loot, alongside vanilla loot:

7 days to die in-universe junk - new food and drink items to populate your random gen additional screenshot 1

7 days to die in-universe junk - new food and drink items to populate your random gen additional screenshot 2

7 days to die in-universe junk - new food and drink items to populate your random gen additional screenshot 3

7 days to die in-universe junk - new food and drink items to populate your random gen additional screenshot 4

Screenshots of a few of the changed recipes:

7 days to die in-universe junk - new food and drink items to populate your random gen additional screenshot 6

7 days to die in-universe junk - new food and drink items to populate your random gen additional screenshot 7

7 days to die in-universe junk - new food and drink items to populate your random gen additional screenshot 8

Current Features

  • 8 new sodas, based on the fountain sodas shown in the soda fountain model
  • 1 new “Sport Drink”, based on the tall beverage coolers added in Alpha 20
  • 1 new alcoholic drink, “Red Impact” wine, based on the wine bottle decorations added in Alpha 20
  • 10 new food and ingredient items based on the new Shamway Foods shelves and Freezer containers added in Alpha 20
  • 1 new “bundle” item that works similar to quest reward bundles, that can be found in the world—a six-pack of soda, that can be opened for a 1/9 chance to receive 6 of one of the 8 sodas in this mod, or a chance to receive up to six Mega Crushes (subject to change based on feedback!)
  • [NSFSS!] New custom, client-side icons for every added item, some completely original and made as close to the original material as possible (others are screenshots, scaled, fixed, and color-corrected).
  • Same loot probability as vanilla to find any of the items in this mod in the appropriate food- and drink-based containers (appended lootgroups and lootcontainers to add in items without removing any vanilla items)
  • 1 modified lootgroup (groupShamewayFreezer01) so that only the items visibly in the freezer model are able to be looted, while keeping groupFoodTrash so that rotten flesh, empty jars, empty cans, and bones can still be found, since it seems appropriate
  • Three recipes based on the items this mod adds / changes to vanilla recipes based on the newly-added items, with full support for finding in loot!
    • A new tea recipe based on the “SleepyTime Tea” item added in this mod, Sleepy Time Tea. Tastes like chamomile!
    • A new tea recipe using previous tea, this time with added honey for a curing effect! Perfect for those sore throats and looming zombie infection!
      • A new, accompanying schematic for said tea! (Can also be unlocked with Master Chef rank 2)
    • A new food recipe, “White Bread”, which is exactly what it sounds like, using flour from this mod!
  • Box of Nails, which acts like the Six Pack, and gives a random amount of nails when opened!
    • Also gives back appropriate material when opened (paper)!
  • Changes to existing cooking recipes to use flour instead of cornmeal as an ingredient—say goodbye to gritty, sand-like pie crusts, toast, gravy, and buns!
  • Alternative version that adds in new recipes featuring flour instead of cornmeal—for those that prefer to use either/or!
  • !NEW IN 1.2.a! Six new food and drink items based on the items on vanilla store shelves, in vanilla small shopping baskets, and in vanilla drink coolers, added in A20
    • Arizona Potato Granules, Butter Balance Butter Spread, Mashed Potatoes, Orange Juice, Red Tea Herbal Tonic, and Star Cola!
  • !NEW IN 1.2.a! One new bundle, based on an item on the tool shelves added in A20
    • Tool Bundle, which features a random chance to receive one or more random quality tool or Steel Tool Parts!
  • !NEW IN 1.2.a! Two new recipes for Orange Juice and Mashed Potatoes
  • !NEW IN 1.2.a! Replacer recipes for items featuring Mashed Potatoes!
    • Recipes include Sham Chowder and Shepard’s Pie.
  • !NEW IN 1.2.b! Alternative recipes for items featuring mashed potatoes!
    • Version B adds in new recipes, as opposed to Version A, which replaces them.

Planned/Upcoming Features

  • New food based on some of the items in the new shopping basket model added in A20, as soon as he can figure out what the Arizona box is supposed to be (it’s some kind of potatoes, he think?) Added in 1.2!
  • New drinks based on the tall beverage coolers and Savage Country small coolers added in A20, as soon as he figure out what brands they’re supposed to be Added in 1.2!
  • New scrappable tool items, based on the new Working Stiffs tool shelves added in A20 Some added in 1.2!
  • New scrappable electronics items, based on the new Mo’ Power electronics shelves added in A20
  • New medical items, based on the new Pop n’ Pills medicine shelves added in A20/A19 (depreciated, no need for new medical items because the vanilla items work just fine)
  • More tool bundles, like perhaps the Impact Driver bundle, which may contain scrap iron, motor tool parts, or even the elusive Impact Driver!
  • More recipes for more foods, like Roasted Vegetables, White Toast, and Pumpkin Toast
  • Recipe Replacers and alternatives, that either replace or alternate Animal Fat into Butter, where applicable
  • Future rework for A21 compatibility, when A21 releases to stable
  • More language localization


Should work seamlessly with existing saves, although you may have to loot new containers, or wait until previously-looted containers reset. If you’re worried, then use a new save, or at least back it up!

(His personal mod list changed between versions 1.0 and 1.2. Please note this does not include CompoPack48, but CompoPack48 is also being used)

7 days to die in-universe junk - new food and drink items to populate your random gen additional screenshot 5


He really recommend that you do not eat the flour raw, otherwise it might kill you. Try turning it into White Bread!

P.S. Major shout out and thanks to the Unofficial Modding Discord, Doughphunghus, Magejosh and Shavickk, and the plethora of available tutorials on the forums and on YouTube for helping him figure out how to make this mod! 😀


1.2.1(a+b) Recipe Tag Hotfix Now Live!

Thanks to Gouki for pointing out that the drinkSleepyHoneyTea recipe needed to have the proper tags added, and Vergilsparda apologize that he waited so long to actually fix it, but it has been fixed!

Apart from that, he think everything about 1.2 is now complete for Alpha 20. If there happens to be an error in the actual mod he may put them all in a 1.2.2.a+b version, but for now, 1.2.1 will be the last version for Alpha 20. There will be no more support for this version going forward (again, unless it is something wrong with the actual mod and not your personal game), as he will be updating and hot-fixing version 1.3 from here on. He just hope no one is disappointed with the decision to end support of this mod, that is something that always worries him.

Note that the mod itself did change names to go with the new 1.3 version (Various Victuals), so you will have to delete and recopy the new mod over, however it should be the completed version and shouldn’t mess with anything. If it does, let him know.!

Anyway, let him redirect you to the new page for Alpha 21’s version, VergilSparda’s Various Victuals. Hopefully everyone who enjoyed Alpha 20’s version will enjoy this new one, he worked very hard on it to get everything in and to add some functionality that was missing from its previous versions!

1.2(a+b) Loot Hotfix Now Live!

Hey, guess who once again forgot to double check that loot.xml featured the proper items? It was him. He did.

loot.xml should now feature Herbal Tonic, Potato Granules, Butter, Mashed Potatoes, and the Tool Bundle in proper lootgroups. Orange Juice was not added, and that is intentional! If you feel like you want to find it in loot too, it’s as simple as adding it to the proper lootgroups yourself; however it is his decision to leave it out. He recommend adding it with medLow or med probability in the groupDrinksUncommon or Rare lootgroups, since finding the concentrate is about the same probability!

Again he is so, so sorry. It’s always something, lol. This is what he get for posting while super hyped that he finished the mod. He’d say it won’t happen again, but…

You should be able to re-download the files from the main download links and the changes should be there. He has only modified the loot.xml, so if you’d rather just have that, you can find it by clicking here!

Version 1.2(a + b)

🎉 More bug fixes and additions, some finalized! Take a gander below!

New Items

  • Potato Granules — Arizona brand Potato Granules, an item found on store shelves, in shopping baskets, and in general food loot. Used to make Mashed Potatoes, Shepard’s Pie, and Sham Chowder (replacer and additions).
    • (Mostly) Faithful item icon made possible thanks to Schwanz9000; although item icon has been cleaned up as the original texture is almost illegible. After all, vergilsparda doesn’t think it was supposed to be paid much attention to, since it’s a small item in a small decoration block (the small shopping baskets).
  • Butter — Butter Balance Butter Spread, a new item found in freezers. Used to make Mashed Potatoes. Added to complete the group of freezer items in this mod!
  • Mashed Potatoes — Made from 3 Boiled Water, Potato Granules, and Butter. A Low-Tier food item, much like all the other food in this mod! (Note: Mashed Potatoes uses just the ceramic bowl from the Gumbo Stew item icon; if this is an issue, whether with copyright or otherwise, please let him know so he can change it)
  • Herbal Tonic — Red Tea brand Herbal Tonic, a new non-soda drink found in general food and drink loot. Works like both Vitamins (Dysentery Resistance) and Mega Crush (Run Speed), for halved duration of both effects. The item itself will show a duration of 7 minutes, but this is merely both effects combined together.
  • Star Cola — Star Cola brand soda. This finalizes the available sodas in universe and in this mod! Thanks again to Schwanz9000, who graciously gave him the names to all of these! Texture faithfully recreated to best of author’s ability.
    • This, as well as the Herbal Tonic, have also been added to soda bundles, which finalizes it! Every drink in the game minus milk has been added! Huzzah!
  • Orange Juice — Made from Juice Aid Concentrate (now renamed!), it can be made from one bottle of concentrate and 4 Boiled Water, no campfire needed! There will be no scurvy in this apocalypse, damn it!
  • Tool Set Bundle — A new bundle, made from the tool case on Working Stiffs tool shelves; more common than tools at lower game stages, it has a random chance to give you any of the following tools or items in random quality (4 or below):
    • Repair Hammer, Ratchet, Steel Tool Parts, or Scrap Iron

New/Changed Recipes

  • Replacer version and Alternative version that replaces or changes the following recipes to use Potato Granules instead of raw potatoes, for those that want them:
    • Shepard’s Pie, Sham Chowder
  • Orange Juice recipe — 4 Boiled Water, 1 Juice Concentrate!
  • Mashed Potato recipe — 1 Potato Granule, 3 Boiled Water, 1 Butter —> Makes 3 Mashed Potatoes, as the original texture inspiration (Idaho Potato Granules) says the box makes 3 Servings!

Bug Fixes and Changes From 1.1(+b)

  • All existing Sodas, as well as newly added Star Cola and Herbal Tonic have faithfully-recreated and updated textures thanks to author’s stumbling upon of AssetStudio! Textures ripped were not used directly, merely referenced.
    • Did you know the soda logos on both the fountain and the vending machines are supposed to have bubbles on them? Peppy PhD even has a pair of cherries! This is what the author gets for not examining them well enough (and using Half-sized textures). However, the soda item textures have been updated to reflect this new discovery, so hopefully your sodas will look extra spiffy in this new update!
  • Red Impact wine now properly displays item description. Somebody (not naming any names) forgot to spellcheck the DescriptionKey value. 🙄
  • Existing Sodas now also properly display item Descriptions! They happened to work before, but the author isn’t quite sure how as they did not previously have the DescriptionKey value present in their XML entries. Wacky!
  • Box of Nails now properly displays both item icon and Description, thanks to unifying the item icon, item XML name value, and DescriptionKey value. Thank you to Rallenb3 for pointing this out!
  • Similarly, thanks to Rallenb3, SleepyTime Tea Bags now exists within loot groups. Now you should be able to find and craft as much tea as your survivor’s bladder can possibly handle!
  • Juice Aid Concentrate, Frozen Pizza, Frozen Vegetables, Cajun Seasoning, and more or less every item description has been either tweaked or updated to be more concise, and with proper line breaks. No more branded items, or falling asleep due to the length of their descriptions!
  • Corona Wipes item icon has, unfortunately, been removed from item icon atlas folder indefinitely, as it was not originally intended to be in said folder. New folder organization structure for author to create and update mods now reflects this, and should not happen again. If it does, author is just very easily distracted and more than likely forgot, again
  • Many, many other bugfixes to ensure that everything is working. If something breaks, please let him know as soon as possible so that a hotfix or update can be properly published

Version 1.1.b Hotfix Now Live!

This is just a quick version that adds in a recipe for flour and also adds in duplicate/alternative recipes for the items changed in 1.1.

Version 1.1. Hotfix Now Live!

This is just a quick version that adds in a recipe for flour! Replacer version still replaces vanilla recipes that include cornmeal with flour. Link to old 1.1 version has been depreciated and will no longer be available to download—the new link is the new version, so please be sure to redownload if you’d also like a recipe for flour!

Version 1.1

🎉 Many bug fixes and additions. Take a gander below!

New Items

  • Boxes of Nails — these work the same way six packs do (like bundles), and give the player a random amount of nails when opened, as well as one paper, because why would you throw away a perfectly good box? You might need it!
  • Sleepy Time Tea Bags and Sleepy Time Tea — a new type of plant* resource, and its accompanying recipe and item, a new type of Tea.
    • (* not actually a plant, just acts like one. He has no idea how to add plants)
  • Sleepy Time Tea with Honey — the cooler Sleepy Time Tea. Adds an 8% infection cure , smack dab in the middle of Honey jars (5%) and Herbal Antibiotics (10%).
    • Requires either Master Chef Rank 2, or the Sleepy Time Tea Recipe schematic. Both found in loot, albeit one rarer than the other (the tea, of course)
  • White Bread — for when pumpkin bread is a little too bougie for your post-apocalyptic palette. And also because of the recipe changes to items that previously used cornbread… But mostly because of the palette thing.

New/Changed Recipes

  • After some deliberation and feedback from members of the Unofficial Modding Discord, he decided against adding in separate recipes for items that would logically require flour because they would only cause unwanted cluttering of the recipe UI. They are now replaced; however, if enough people would like separate recipes, he is willing to add those in, to make sure everyone is happy with the product they’re receiving!
  • Recipes effected:
    • Blueberry Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Pumpkin Bread, and Tuna Gravy on Toast.
  • Some recipes now also require White Bread instead of Cornbread, because who uses corn bread as a chili dog bun?
    • Recipes effected:
      • Chili Dog, Tuna on Gravy Toast
  • New recipes include the following:
    • Sleepy Time Tea, Sleepy Time Honey Tea, and White Bread.

Bug Fixes and Changes From 1.0

  • When drinking soda cans, they would foolishly think they’re suddenly made of glass and give you back empty jars! Now they give back empty cans, like logic intended.
    • May later add actual empty Soda Cans if people would like them, to further one’s immersion
  • Soda frequency was far too high; give the vanilla drinks a chance, you sugary little tricksters! Sodas should now pop up less frequently, giving loot and your post apocalyptic teeth a much needed break from added sugars.
  • Boxed and canned foods from this mod now also give the appropriate materials where applicable.
    • As an example, Diamond Brand Chips now give back one scrap polymer for your efforts of eating the entire stack of chips, because where else would the packaging go? Don’t tell him you ate that too!
      • Subject to change based on feedback, and if he really feel like using buffs to add more objects (because a can of Rhymes-With-Shingles is not made entirely of plastic; it has a plastic top, but a cardboard body, and could be either or).
  • Every new item added shows up properly in loot, thanks to major help from the Unofficial server in teaching him how to use the right xPath syntax!
  • Similarly, groupShamwayFreezer01 should now properly work, thanks to proper syntax when setting the lootgroup to the mod’s own custom. No more canned goods and fresh produce in freezers! You’ll still more often than not find discarded goods, though, like empty cans and other trash items.
  • xPath and Localization fixes to various previously implemented items. Now things should show the right stats when you look at them, thanks to custom ui_displays, as well as having display names and descriptions!
    • Sports Drink now shows appropriate Efficient Digestion time. Was previously showing 2:30 in its stats, but only actually giving 1:40 when consumed. It now shows the appropriate time (2:30, or a little over half of Red Tea). And yes, 50% efficient digestion is not a typo! Replacing electrolytes is good for the body, so the drink should reflect that.
    • Sleepy Time Honey Tea, Sodas, and wine now no longer shows a bunch of useless stats that don’t apply. Hooray for UI decluttering!
  • Similarly, all items, previous and new, are prefixed with parenthesis for easier organization when sorting boxes, backpacks, and loot. When he figure out which character sorts them last, he will change it. But for now, items are sorted by type (Canned, Perishable, NonPerishable, Edible, Inedible, Sodas, Tea, Resource, Sport Drink, and Wine) to help keep this mod’s items grouped together.

Version 1.0

🎉 Initial Release

DOWNLOAD Version 1.2.1a (Recipe Replacer) (1,2 MB)
DOWNLOAD Version 1.2.1b (Recipe Adder) (1,2 MB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: VergilSparda

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3 thoughts on “In-Universe Junk – New Food and Drink Items* To Populate Your Random Gen

  1. This is a brilliant little mod. I love collecting canned food items, and the various sodas added by this mod really scratch that itch. Thank you for your work!

  2. Keeps telling me that “toolBundleNails” items doesn’t exist and error is in loot. I checked and it’s there, in both places, but the error keeps repeating. Maybe an error in the actual item?

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