Ratbertts Radiated Wastelands

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This mod adds radiation to the wastelands and also requires a full set of hazmat gear to protect yourself from it. This mod also adds radiation protection “mods” you can craft to put on armor. When you do this, you can get full radiation protection in the wastelands AND keep your armor on to survive the bullies of the wastelands.

Once you unlock the chance to mine radium in iron you will start to see radium chunks. Then when you get 50 armor books you can unlock the ability to make the mods. You will need a mod on all 5 armor slots to get the full radiation protection. It’s all or nothing!

Ratbertts Radiation 1.0


Adds radiation to the wastelands zone that slowly kills you and makes your screen all green and staticy.


  • Radium Chunks
  • Radium Bars
  • Radiation Mod – Feet
  • Radiation Mod – Chest
  • Radiation Mod – Legs
  • Radiation Mod – Hands
  • Radiation Mod – Head


Added the radiation unlock to the skills tree. Requires 50 armor books to unlock all the radiation armor mods.


Added radiation armor buff to counter the biome radiation.


Added radium mining chance to “Art of Mining Lucky Strike” book. Same book you get diamonds and stuff from. You can only mine radium from iron nodes and only at a small chance.


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Ratbertt

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8 thoughts on “Ratbertts Radiated Wastelands

  1. What a roller coaster. I found a way to bring back dmg in rad zone. I have patched the mod and it is ready for download, same link. If you have the broke version redownload and reapply mod to server.

    For faster support, find me in discord at support link!!

  2. Howdy folks. As I found out today, 10-3-2023, it seems funpimps has changed something that makes this mod useless on PVE servers now. It seems if you have your server set to NO KILLING, the change health overtime function in a debuff no longer dmgs the player.

    Why they chose to do this I have no clue. I haven’t looked much into it. It’s very disappointing. So, this will only work on servers that have some sort of “killing” set to true. PVE servers just got borked if you are using this mod on them.

    I’ll continue to see if I can find a way to make this work on PVE now under these new requirements.

  3. Nope, it is working fine so it’s still bugging a bit. Just pull one item modifier off and reapply it. It is working on my test server and our public server as we speak 🙂

  4. It should. Sometimes it bugs out and I don’t know why. If it does you should leave the zone, then pull all the mods off and reapply them.

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