H’s Special Things

7 days to die h's special things

This mod is server sided, if you prefer multiplayer your clients don’t need to download, mod will be pushed to them automatically when they are trying to connect your server.

Adds invulnerable bulletproof glass and stainless steel and more specialized blocks

  • Adds new materials; invulnerable glass and invulnerable steel (could used bedrock but i had some poor exp with it earlier)
  • Adds new glass blocks all invulnerable; cube, plate, ramp,
  • Adds new steel blocks all invulnerable; cube, half, plate, ramp, stairs, stairs with railings, pyramid, pillar, pillar cap, bars, ladder, log spike (trap)
  • Adds new special blocks all invulnerable; garage door 5x3x1, garage door 3x2x2, vault door, hatch door, drawbridge (all working without electricity)
    • All will downgrade to itself in endless loop (nothing happens except visual change in case some damage)
    • All can be repaired, with special nailgun or special stone axe and when having main cube (repair only needed for flawless visuals, otherwise unnecessary)
    • All can be upgraded to visually equal but regular versions, with special nailgun or special stone axe and when having main cube (in case misplacements or change of mind)

7 days to die h's special things additional screenshot 1

Adds better versions of admin tools and more

  • Adds special nailgun; ranged upgrade & destroy tool
  • Adds special nails for above special nailgun but it can be used with regular nailgun
    • Special nailgun primary action destroys all blocks with one shot (except log spike, it requires 3 shots bcz of matryoshka-like design)
    • Special nailgun secondary action upgrades invulnerable blocks to vulnerable top tier blocks like bulletproof glass and stainless steel
  • Adds special stone axe
  • Adds special paint tool
  • Adds special machete
  • Adds special pistol and smg (modified versions of admin tools, smg is not digger anymore because we have special nailgun)
  • Adds special 9mm armor piercing bullets for above special guns but it can be used with any 9mm gun
  • Adds special magnum revolver
  • Adds special ak47
  • Adds special hunting rifle
  • Adds special double barrel shotgun
  • Adds special .44 magnum bullet
  • Adds special 7.62 mm bullet
  • Adds special shotgun slug
  • Adds special buffs; mega jump & super speed
  • Adds special dress shoes having above special buffs
    • When special boots on, jumping drains stamina but running regens it (the flash-like)
  • Adds special mining helmet; flashlight on it
  • Adds special tank top; gives good resistance
  • Adds special shades; gives perception, makes treasures easier to find
  • Adds special cigar; gives strength, gives bartering bonus
  • All tools and items above are invulnerable and undegradable

7 days to die h's special things additional screenshot 2

Adds special trader

  • Adds special trader, copy of Jen; you can buy, sell and take jobs but she also has key differences explained below
    • Sold items are different, she has tons of apparel, armor, tools, guns, ammo, medicine, seed, raw food, resources, vehicle parts, decorations, missions-quests, books and recipes-schematics.
    • She is invulnerable like any other trader but in case misplacements, there is a way to remove her, explained in XML files; blocks.xml and entityclasses.xml
    • She is craftable but you need quite amount of organic resources. she sells these resources so, after crafting first you can craft the rest easier
    • You can easily create your own trading post with this trader and help of invulnerable blocks, if you are admin this is going to help you a lot

Adds special beer includes useful buffs at once

  • Adds water
  • Adds food
  • Adds stamina regen
  • Adds stun resistance
  • Adds cold resistance
  • Adds heat resistance
  • Adds disease resistance
  • Adds infection resistance
  • Adds experience boost
  • Cures dysentery
  • Cures infection
  • Makes digestion more efficient
  • Stops bleeding
    • As a side effect healing with this gives %66 less exp
  • Makes you feel dizzy
    • As a side effect dizzines from beer lasts %33 longer

Adds new recipes to make every item above craftable

  • Craft two main resources at forge (these are required to craft others)
  • Craft special beer at campfire or chemistry station
  • Craft all other blocks, tools, weapons, ammo and apparel at workstation
  • All new recipes from this mod unlocked by default (but they can be changed easily to make learnable)
  • Crafting is not mandatory, all can be retrieved from creative menu as before

Overwrites nothing, everything added as new. That’s right!

How to find in game

  • Creative menu
  • Crafting

What other

  • Plans for future; nothing yet (already made tons of changes without planning them actually)
  • I have a question; just ask
  • I want this and that; just ask
  • I like this mod; show your gratitude with comments and endorsements
  • Whats this version number; game version plus mod version
  • Place log spike in a ditch around your home and watch zombies dying in it, use drawbridge to pass thru the ditch yourself, reinforce ground and walls of your ditch with invulnerable steel block for ultimate protection against anything.


Note that, updating mod can cause existing items to change something else, it looks like related to game engine because i never change existing IDs. anyway it is not a big deal but you can find yourself wearing glass shards instead of shoes etc., so just check your inventory and fix it if you have such unwanted changes.


  • Fixed invisible icons of invulnerable steel bars.
  • Fixed wrong model of .44 Magnum handgun.
  • Added Special Machete (to farm animal fat, leather etc).
  • Added Special Trader (Copy of Jen with different items; you can buy, sell and take jobs like any other trader, you can place her anywhere and also place as much as you want).


Bugfix; CustomIcon parameters changed to fix invisible icons in A19 version.


Gun parts’ names in recipes changed for A19 compatibility.


  • All items and blocks can be craftable now
  • Added more tools (Special Stone Axe, Special Paint Tool)
  • Added more apparel (All special; Mining Helmet, Tank Top, Shades/Sunglasses, Cigar)
  • Added more weapons (All special; Magnum Revolver, AK-47, Hunting Rifle, Double Barrel Shotgun)
  • Added more ammo (All special bullets; 44Magnum AP, 7.62 AP, Shotgun Slug AP)
  • Removed unlimited ammo (because reloading animations too good to cancel, especially hunting rifle)


  • Changed materials’ stats for better structural integrity.
  • Added two new blocks; invulnerable steel pillar 50 and invulnerable glass pillar 50 (look images for good usage example)
  • Changed interactable doors, hatches, gates, bridges stats to make remote control better, now they can be opened or closed from distance. (look images for good usage example)
  • Changed nailgun’s block damage and repair speed. (invulnerable > vulnerable upgrade mechanic now gradual and slower to prevent accidental upgrades).
  • Changed blocks behavior after fall; earlier they were trying to stick but it wasnt working well especially if fall onto player placed blocks they were breaking them (yes even invulnerable block could be shattered when another invulnerable block fall onto) now there is no such risk, blocks will just vanish when fall off, this is to prevent catastrophic events e.g. after just ceiling collapsed etc.

7 days to die h's special things additional screenshot 3

7 days to die h's special things additional screenshot 4

Download for A19
Download for A18

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Hsngrms

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8 thoughts on “H’s Special Things

  1. Special Weapons are missing icons. I changed the property Custom icon field in items.xml for the magnum to gunHandgunT2Magnum44 and the icon for weapon is now displayed. Hope this helps.

  2. lol, i keep putting things in the wrong place and i tried taking it out with the axe but no luck, anyway to remove the blocks accidently placed wrong, please n thank you

    1. Hi Tonya Smith, thank you for your comments and sorry I was late to reply but it’s already explained in description, I tried to cover everything, even possible usage scenarios. Anyway it’s nice you didn’t give up and figured out yourself.

      I’m dropping this comment here so if anyone comes to ask Tonya “how did you do that” can find answer of modder 🙂

      * All can be upgraded to visually equal but regular versions, with special nailgun or special stone axe and when having main cube (in case misplacements or change of mind)

      in short; upgrading invulnerable block = getting regular destructible block

  3. To be honest I’m not a good crafter. I recently learned we only can see 5 required materials at max when crafting, so below mats are full requirement to craft Special Trader;

    forgedInvulnerableSteel x1
    forgedInvulnerableGlass x1
    foodRawMeat x100
    resourceAnimalFat x10
    medicalBloodBag x10
    drugVitamins x10
    resourceCloth x10
    resourceLeather x10
    resourceGlue x10
    resourceSewingKit x10

    I’ll reduce the number to 5 but raise the amounts of each in next release. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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