H’s Special Things

7 days to die h's special things

Guys and Gals, Welcome to the 2022! Wishing Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone! I just made big change on mod structure. Also added some little QoL and fun extras. Now this is not a modlet that includes everything, it is a compilation of 18 modlets. Check below descriptions to learn what’s included in them.

If anything doesn’t suit your taste, just delete its folder from ~/Mods folder. If you want what you deleted back, just open the archive and put it back into ~/Mods folder. For the sake of simplicity old descriptions removed but changelogs preserved. Therefore you have to try all these special things yourself to see what’s so special about them if you are new here and didn’t have chance to try earlier.


Mandatory to have. Never delete this folder unless you want complete uninstall.

  • Special Forge and Workbench
  • Invulnerable materials
  • Special Stone Axe


Extra tools that I didn’t want in basics.

  • Special Claw Hammer and Nailgun
  • Special Paint Tool


Very useful apparel.

  • Special Cigar and Shades
  • Special Mining Helmet
  • Special Rocket Shoes and Rocket Boots


Very useful drink, food and meds.

  • Special Beer
  • Special Hunter and Farmer Stew
  • Special Painkiller


You can have candles made of zeds or charge your phone over zeds.

  • Special Torch* and Flashlight
  • Special Fireaxe and Javelin

*Known bug: you can’t power attack with Special Torch in 3rd person view. (3rd person view is only available via Debug Mode)

7 days to die h's special things additional screenshot 8

7 days to die h's special things additional screenshot 9


Silent. Useful. Long ranged.

  • Special Bow and Crossbow
  • Special Arrow and Crossbow Bolt
  • Special Junk Turret


Nothing can destroy these unless you want it happen so.

  • Invulnerable Steel Shapes
  • Invulnerable Glass Block, Ramp, Plate and Pillar
  • Invulnerable Storage Box

7 days to die h's special things additional screenshot 6


Indestructible housing blocks. Mannequin is a training dummy.

  • Invulnerable House Door and Vault Door
  • Invulnerable Cellar Hatch and Vault Hatch
  • Invulnerable Garage Doors and Draw Bridge
  • Invulnerable Female Mannequin


Special Bicycle. Fast speed. High resistance. 90 slots.


Special Trader. She sells what’s most required. Always open. Refreshing stock everyday.

7 days to die h's special things additional screenshot 7


More melee weapons including those added earlier upon request.

  • Special Machete and Knuckles
  • Special Club and Sledgehammer
  • Special Spear


More ranged weapons, firearms to be exact.

  • Special Double Barrel Shotgun, Pump Shotgun and Auto Shotgun
  • Special .44 Magnum Revolver, Desert Vulture and Pistol
  • Special SMG5, AK-47, Tactical AR and M60
  • Special Hunting Rifle, Lever Action Rifle and Sniper Rifle
  • Special Shotgun Slug, .44 Magnum, 9mm, 7.62mm Bullets and Bundles


Special Tank Top removed. Nothing else here yet.


special_things_00_basics is not required for that to work. UI modifications.

  • Shows HP and name of entity
  • Adds center mark to compass, color is aqua


special_things_00_basics is not required for that to work. Improves player hand and makes brawling a competitive build.

Increases player hand’s speed and damage.


special_things_00_basics is not required for that to work. Increases some stack quantities to 50K.

Resources, foods, drinks, medicals, drugs, ammo and others.


special_things_00_basics is not required for that to work. Change of working hours for all traders.

Now traders are working tirelessly, 7×24.


special_things_00_basics is not required for that to work. If you are not an adult do not read beyond this point.

  • Removes top from female torso (makes topless)
  • Removes shorts from female legs (a panty will still be there)

7 days to die h's special things additional screenshot 1

7 days to die h's special things additional screenshot 2

7 days to die h's special things additional screenshot 5

7 days to die h's special things additional screenshot 3

7 days to die h's special things additional screenshot 4

How to Find in Game

  • Creative menu
  • Crafting

What Other

  • This mod is server sided, if you prefer multiplayer your clients don’t need to download anything.
  • Upgrading invulnerable block = getting regular destructible block



Localization files structure fixed for A20.4 (they were causing red warnings at loading but somehow they were still working… now there is no error at loading)


  • Added two QoL hack as a new modlet
    • Harvesting a rabbit’s body will give you blood bag
    • Harvesting a chicken’s body will give you sewing kit
  • Adjusted all recipes
    • Changed first entries of most recipes (Just recently I learned we get first entry when we scrap something)
    • Made balance changes / mostly raised quantities required (some items are still left easy to craft intentionally)
    • Added new requirements like armor parts for apparel crafting and tool parts for axe and hammer crafting
    • Added optional secondary recipes (for Special Torch and Flashlight)
  • Updated some localization files
    • Ammo bundles desc. were “…100 pieces”, now they are “…100×100 pieces”
    • Removed a redundant line break from Special Stone Axe desc.
  • Updated out of date meshfile paths to A20 (some of the ranged weapons had old meshfile paths registered)


Small bugfix for Special Nailgun (Native nail as a magazine item was not doing any damage, it is fixed immediately.)


  • Now this is not a modlet that includes everything, it is a compilation of 18 modlets.
  • Check above description for what’s included in every one of them.
  • Added Special Flashlight
  • Added UI modifications
  • Added player hand improvements
  • Added QoL modifications
  • Added something nsfw


Note that: Below issues were related to invulnerable blocks only version. Main versions of the mod don’t have any issues.

  • Fixed storage box recipe
  • Fixed having no tool to upgrade invulnerable blocks


Fixed no inventory issue when you open special forge or special workbench (it was because in A20 devs decided to add open_backpack_on_open=”true” close_compass_on_open=”true” parameters in xui.xml file)


Fixed Invulnerable Glass blocks, they are working on A20 now

A20.0.002 (not released to public)

  • Added forged intermediate. A working -normal- forge needed to craft intermediate; intermediate needed to craft special forge; and intermediate + invulnerable steel + invulnerable glass needed to craft special workbench
  • Removed admin shotgun and added admin pipe pistol instead
  • Fixed Special Trader, it is working on A20 now
  • Fixed Special Bicycle, it is working on A20 now

A20.0.001 (not released to public)

Initial version for A20 build


Disclaimer: Weapon IDs changed (e.g. AK-47) If you are updating from previous version some of your weapons can disappear.

Major Changes

  • Fixed names and added description texts to all. PM me if you are interested translating into your language.
  • Made special items and invulnerable blocks craftable only on special forge and special workbench
  • Adjusted ranges, zoom levels, spreads and kicks of all weapons

Minor Changes

  • Added special painkiller to bring “removeallnegativebuffs” buff back
  • Changed special stone axe into less powerful tool but, now it is possible to craft without workbench
  • Added special claw hammer to fill the void of old special stone axe
  • Added special javelin, it is possible to craft without workbench but, it is way cheaper and faster with workbench
  • Added special spear, basically better version of special javelin
  • Added special fireaxe, it is possible to craft without workbench but, it is way cheaper and faster with workbench
  • Added special admin shotgun to help server admins. It is not viable to craft, since target users are admins they can get via CM
  • Changed some weapons’ sound as silencer version where it is possible
  • Removed special stun baton as it was able to harm traders irreversibly which can affect gameplay in a bad way (No problem though if you used on Rekt, he deserves it)
  • Fixed some minor errors those missed earlier
  • Made many minor changes and adjustments

Note: Crafting special stone axe, special javelin and special fireaxe without workbench can seem overpowered to experienced players but, it is not completely right. I tested them to not make them dominate the game in day 1, yes of course they are not your ordinary useless stone items, of course they are special however they still can’t save your day solely against a horde night. They are just Quality of Life tools, especially when starting a new game. Also many newcoming players find 7DTD challenging to play and drop playing, I believe these tools can make some players actually start enjoying the game and keep playing.


  • Added special melee weapons
    • Candy club
    • Sledgehammer
    • Steel spear
    • Stun baton
  • Added special ranged weapons
    • Compound bow
    • Iron crossbow
    • Pump shotgun
    • Auto shotgun
    • Tactical AR
    • M60
    • Marksman rifle
    • Sniper rifle
  • Added special ammo
    • Steel arrow AP (and its bundle)
    • Steel crossbow bolt AP (and its bundle)


Increased invulnerable storage box stack to 30k like other invulnerable blocks


  • Added invulnerable storage box
  • Fixed special forge and workbench being destructible (now both are invulnerable)
  • Created optional/lightweight/nostorage edition of mod due to compatibility issues with UL. (Download from here)


  • Added special handgun desert vulture
  • Added special torch
  • Added special food hunter stew
  • Added special food farmer stew
  • Torch power attack effects implemented
  • Fixed knuckles power attack harvesting options
  • Knuckles block damage and range increased
  • Changed craft times (to bring some immersion)
  • Changed the ammo types special weapons can use (now you can use regular ammo with special weapons)
  • Exhanged swing sound of machete heavy and light attack as well as knuckles
  • Added elemental (explosion) resistance to helmet, tanktop, boots and shoes
  • Improved some passive and triggered effects (minor edit of some buffs like adding radiation resistance to special apparel)
  • Removed removeallnegativebuffs effect from special foods, instead added extra health bonus and matched its duration with stamina bonus
  • Changed Invulnerable blocks upgrade items (to make them vulnerable) to forged invulnerable materials (previously those were invulnerable blocks themselves)
  • Changed Invulnerable blocks repair items to forged invulnerable materials (previously those were invulnerable blocks themselves)
  • Other minor fixes


  • Added special bicycle
  • Added special turret
  • Fixed wrong icons for special ammo bundles, now bundles show corresponding ammo’s icon.
  • Other minor improvements.


  • Fixed special forge and special workbench (XUi was missing).
  • Added missing invulnerable steel door recipe.
  • Added special steel knuckles.
  • Added special rocket shoes and changed special rocket boots.
  • Also there are other minor changes;
    • Special mining helmet’s light changed,
    • Bartering bonus of special beer adjusted,
    • Special smg’s recipe changed,
    • Standardised code/text in items.xml,
    • Fixed special machete stacking issue,
    • Improved special shades (added attribute bonuses and loot game stage bonus),
    • Improved special cigar (added attribute bonuses, improved barter sell bonus),
    • Removed negative earth damage multiplier of special stone axe (for faster digging at early game).


  • Fixed recipe of special trader.
  • Fixed/added recipe for special machete.
  • Improved text/code of special drink beer, created new buff for it.
  • Added special forge and workbench.
  • Added invulnerable steel door (simplistic alternative to vault door).


  • Fixed invisible icons of invulnerable steel bars.
  • Fixed wrong model of .44 Magnum handgun.
  • Added Special Machete (to farm animal fat, leather etc).
  • Added Special Trader (Copy of Jen with different items; you can buy, sell and take jobs like any other trader, you can place her anywhere and also place as much as you want).


Bugfix; CustomIcon parameters changed to fix invisible icons in A19 version.


Gun parts’ names in recipes changed for A19 compatibility.

Download for A20
Download for A19

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Hsngrms

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55 thoughts on “H’s Special Things

    1. yep exactly gamewithout special things is not the same game as earlier in A20. If you can please update version of mod.

    1. Hi Robert. Last I played the game on 22 October and there was no need to an update at that time. Can you please tell what is the issue you have? I would like to do a specific check upon your feedback, so I’ll post an update if it is necessary.

      1. Hi
        I’m Having the same problems as other people,
        Minor Yellow messages about blocks,and red messages about out of bounds array error,and xml failing to load.
        I checked for modlet conflicts and loaded the mod by itself,and still the same problems.

        1. Hi Devon. Last days I was very busy with work but this weekend I have time so I’ll look into issue myself by actually playing the game after a while and update the mod of course.

        2. OK, I just played the game for a short while and got no red messages at all. That means nothing wrong with my modlets. (Yellow warnings are occuring because of invulnerable blocks and it is unimportant / safe to ignore)

          I suggest you:
          * Do an integrity check, you might have broken game files if you have installed some mods those overwrite vanilla game files.
          * Make sure you have correct version of the mod installed (A20). Just in case delete all modlets, do the integrity check then install latest version of this modlet.
          * In case you got red warning not at the start but when doing something specific then please explain it in detail, otherwise I can’t reproduce the error and so cant find its cause…

  1. Hello,
    People on my server love H’s Special things.. but is giving me the same problem they had before “Localization files structure for A20.4 (they were causing red warnings at loading but somehow they were still working… )

    1. Hello. Sorry for late reply… Glad you and your friends love the mod. There shouldn’t be such problem after installing A20.4.101 version, so make sure you have this version installed. If you are still having trouble with latest version I’d appreciate taking your time to write on forum page.

  2. Had an issue with the special trader moving down a floor after adding OakRaven power things mod. Any way to move her or pick her up?

    1. Just saw this ugh, it is a bit late to answer and I’m sure you found a workaround already… However, in case someone else found themselves in same situation here is the way;
      1. Move “special_things_09_trader” folder from Mods directory to Desktop etc
      2. Run game, put some wooden blocks etc into old place of Special Trader
      3. Quit game, move “special_things_09_trader” back to Mods folder
      4. Run game, craft another Special Trader and place where you want.
      Sorry but yes, you will lose the trader you have, otherwise she will stay where she is.

      Another way is experimantal and useless actually but can be fun to try. Disclaimer: I do not recommend if she is standing in an important place for you (like your base) but if she is in open air you can try.
      1. Craft Special Nailgun
      2. Dig under Special Trader a couple blocks, so she will go down more (IDK how deep you should go, I went to the bedrock.)
      Note: Only dig one block wide
      3. Put some blocks to fill the top of hole, like top 3 level
      4. After a while she should respawn over the top of these blocks

      IDK the reason this is happening, maybe devs did that to prevent traders staying in places you can not interact with them at all… I’ll do some tests like placing a trader then covering her immediate vicinity with blocks so she cannot be interacted. I wonder what will happen, if she will respawn over the top block etc.

  3. Special Trader doesn’t work for me. I place her down, the space is occupied, but there is nothing there. I also get errors with the invulnerable blocks, it keeps telling me they are ‘over downgrade limit’ and I can’t downgrade.

    1. You should wait Special Trader to spawn like 3-5 secs. If you put her and move into the place before she spawns, the game will prevent spawning because you occupied the place.

      Yellow warnings in console screen is normal, this is how invulnerability works, an endless loop of downgrading to itself. If you want a real downgrade and make them destroyable, you should upgrade them 🙂 I know it can sound confusing now but it is easy to get used, just upgrade an Invulnerable Steel Block once, you will understand how it works very quickly when seeing with your own eyes.

      1. I went back after I typed the message and played again and the trader DID eventually spawn. As for upgrading an invulnerable steel block, it doesn’t work, I just get a red x next to the icon of the forged invulnerable steel block, even though it’s in my inventory. I’ve tried different upgrade methods (nailgun, stone axe etc) no different. I tried different materials (forged iron, steel, concrete) the same, it just keeps giving me the red x with invulnerable steel. Also yellow errors are there when I first load in the game, NOT during building or anything. In fact they came up even when I start a new game!

        1. Hi Fireldar. Thanks for the continuing feedback.
          I know exactly when yellow warnings are coming. New game or load a save doesn’t matter, you can see them while your game components and mods are loading.
          In the past months, the bug report I received most was cannot being able to upgrade invulnerable blocks like your case. Every time the reason was another mod (especially a big mod like an overhaul). So if you had Forged Invulnerable Steel in your inventory and you still couldn’t being able to upgrade an Invulnerable Steel Block with help of a Special Stone Axe (or a Special Claw Hammer or a Special Nailgun) then your situation might be same.
          Let me know if you only use my mod and still cannot upgrade an Invulnerable Steel Block.

    1. Hi. Seems like you are using an overhaul mod. However my mod is intended to use with vanilla game or alongside small modlets, because overhaul mods change many things in game, I simply can’t make my mod compatible with all of them. Sorry.

  4. Are you planning to add stuff like special armor such as Special Military Armor or Special Steel Armor, as well as more special clothing? I just want to have Steel Armor that doesn’t slow me down, or Military Armor that makes you faster, or something.

    1. Hi Royal Reaper. Thanks for your interest. Right now I’m not taking new requests. I’ll divide this modlet into many modlets (a modlet for trader, a modlet for invulnerable blocks, a modlet for weapons, a modlet for clothing/armor etc.) after that I’ll be taking requests again. However, that separation it is a quite long tedious task, thus I don’t know when I’ll be doing that…

  5. Hello friends! Hope you all safe and sound. I really appreciate your interest. I’m doing my best to check comments here but in order to get a proper support from me, please use forum link above.

    In case someone don’t want to register to the forum, I’m sorry but expect no support.

  6. Can anyone paste the exact text changes needed to remove the special trader in case of misplacement? I don’t want to mess anything up.

    1. Please get the latest version from forum page, then post your request in that forum topic, then I can help you there.

  7. First off, great mod.
    Having a lot of fun with it.

    However, unlike a normale forge the special forge shows no backack inventory window when used. This makes smelting in it impossible and further production also a dud.
    Is the a XUI issue maybe or is there a secret trick to using the special forge?
    Using the mod on a server with Riles HUD.

    1. Yes, there is a XUI problem with A20.0.003 version, I posted an update same day on the forum but owner of this website did not update links in this page. I mailed him but got no answer. Please visit forum and post there if you have anymore questions.

  8. Hey there, first of, great mod but, i seem to not be able to make the “Invulnerable Steel Shapes”. I have the special steel in my inventory but when im in the Workbench to craft it, it doesn’t give me a “Craft ” Option

    1. There is a problem with A20.0.003 version, I posted an update same day on the forum but owner of this website did not update links in this page. I mailed him but got no answer. Please visit forum and post there if you have anymore questions.

      1. Hi. Sorry for the delay, but you wrote to our old email address. Please use the contact form(s) first to reach us. (This avoids some problems.) Your mod has been updated.

        1. Hi! Thanks for the update. Also thanks for the information, next time I’ll try to reach you via contact form instead of email. 🙂

      1. thank you so much ♥ also can you make a separate on for food if its not to hard, and i hope your enjoying alpha 20 as much as the rest of use are.

        1. I’m enjoying A20 for sure, thanks! Not only food but making everything a separate modlet is coming to mind time to time, you’ll know if I ever do that.

          About the problem you faced, actually I fixed it but posted on the forum but not here.

      2. oh the block only version you made appears to make it so i can scrap anything in the game? i removed all other mods to make sure this was the mod cosign the problem and indeed it is

    1. Hi zz,
      Only 5.0.0 had a big problem but looking at the time you wrote messages you should already been using 7.0.0 which is perfectly fine on A19.3.

      This mod didn’t tested on experimental versions of game. Are you playing on experimental?
      Did you do integrity check of your game files?
      And what do you mean exactly by “everything stopped working”?

      1. hey im sorry i’m just seeing this, idk waht happened but it was fixed but now im not getting the special trader anymore.

        1. Hey, actually I’m sorry, I moved to the another city for a new job, but I’m back now.

          I just tested mod with A19.5 stable and there is no problem about special trader. Hope you solved your problem too. If it still continues please inform me. (Please use forum link above, otherwise I might see your reply too late again.

  9. To be honest I’m not a good crafter. I recently learned we only can see 5 required materials at max when crafting, so below mats are full requirement to craft Special Trader;

    forgedInvulnerableSteel x1
    forgedInvulnerableGlass x1
    foodRawMeat x100
    resourceAnimalFat x10
    medicalBloodBag x10
    drugVitamins x10
    resourceCloth x10
    resourceLeather x10
    resourceGlue x10
    resourceSewingKit x10

    I’ll reduce the number to 5 but raise the amounts of each in next release. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    1. Hi Tonya Smith, thank you for your comments and sorry I was late to reply but it’s already explained in description, I tried to cover everything, even possible usage scenarios. Anyway it’s nice you didn’t give up and figured out yourself.

      I’m dropping this comment here so if anyone comes to ask Tonya “how did you do that” can find answer of modder 🙂

      * All can be upgraded to visually equal but regular versions, with special nailgun or special stone axe and when having main cube (in case misplacements or change of mind)

      in short; upgrading invulnerable block = getting regular destructible block

  10. lol, i keep putting things in the wrong place and i tried taking it out with the axe but no luck, anyway to remove the blocks accidently placed wrong, please n thank you

  11. Special Weapons are missing icons. I changed the property Custom icon field in items.xml for the magnum to gunHandgunT2Magnum44 and the icon for weapon is now displayed. Hope this helps.

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