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7 days to die lead arrows mod, 7 days to die ammo

Do you feel like you spend too much time with stone arrows early game? Do you just wish there was more to archery other than perks early game? Do you just want to make arrowheads early game or whatever? Now you can with this mod. Craft Lead Arrowheads without use of a forge using 3 lead for 1 arrowhead. Then, use the same recipe (1 wood, one feather, one Lead Arrowhead) as the Stone/Iron/Steel Arrow recipe. It does a good amount more damage than stone, and (should be) worth working towards it in early game!

7 days to die lead arrows mod additional screenshot

In order for the Icons to show, all players need to download this mod.


Credits: HollowAxe276

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3 thoughts on “Lead Arrows Mod

  1. You are correct. Somehow the 2nd (Download) link never showed for me, and instead it was a download link undoubtedly for an ad, as you say. I’ve dealt with this countless times and have Firefox locked down extremely well, so I’m not sure what happened, but what tricked me is that I only had the (well-disguised) ad and not the correct link anywhere I could find. However, now it goes through fine on a different PC and browser. I just wanted to confirm.

  2. This appears to be a virus. Leads to https ://Modsfire .com and then to https ://internetguardiansec .com/installsurf-us. Download file is “VLC.msi”.

    1. There is no virus in the mod. You haven’t even downloaded the mod yet. ModsFire may open one or more ads when you click on the blue Generate/Download button. (This is the working logic of ModsFire, which enables modders to earn money.)

      You were interested in one of the software ads, not the mod. To download the mod, you must follow the blue Generate/Download button, not the ads.

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