Map: Ireland Undead

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Here comes my first selfmade Map: Ireland Undead.

I made it for my Girlfriend – she is a big Ireland-Fan. We played this 8k-Map a lot in the last few months and had a lot of fun.


  • I used KingGen and altered some Cities by Hand in the World Editor.
  • Dublin has now a really good Downtown with many modern Streets, Buildings & a Subway.
  • I used many modern Street-Tiles from the A20.
  • There is also a Yacht in front of the Dublin Coast… 😉
  • I don’t want to spoil the Buildings of the Cities so i painted them red.

7 days to die map ireland undead additional screenshot 1

7 days to die map ireland undead additional screenshot 2

7 days to die map ireland undead additional screenshot 3

7 days to die map ireland undead additional screenshot 4


Just put the Folder “Ireland Undead” into your Generated Worlds-Folder: OS(C:)/User/”YourUserName”/AppData/Roaming/7DaystoDie/GeneratedWorlds

Enjoy & have Fun!

Your DirkillerGaming (check my Channel on Youtube)


Credits: Made by DirkillerGaming

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10 thoughts on “Map: Ireland Undead

  1. Olá, como faz para criar mapas personalizados nesse estilo de países?

    Hello, how do you create custom maps in this style of countries?

    1. I used a Heightmap from Ireland & painted an own Citymap & a Biome-Map.
      Then i let KingGen generate the Map. Then i altered many Buildings in the World Editor and the splat-File with Gimp to have more Streets.
      Look for Tutorials on Youtube.
      Have Fun!

  2. Awsome designed city, very immersive. But for longer run my PC can’t handle it, very soon I stuck. I wished a smaller version of that city – a 6K map, if that would make sence for such a city?

    1. Maybe you could try to Change this Graphic-Settings to the lowest (before starting the Game) :
      Dynamic Mesh Enabled: No
      Mesh Distance: 500
      Mesh Quality: No
      Land Claim Only: No
      Land Claim Buffer: 1
      Max Region Loads: 1
      Max Mesh Processing: 1

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