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Random World Generation for 7 Days to Die. Generate beautiful and unique worlds for 7 Days to Die. Customize your worlds! Faster than vanilla!

7 days to die KingGen additional screenshot 1


  • Download KingGen.
  • Run it.
  • Choose your preferences and click “Generate world”.
  • KingGen will create a folder containing the world. You have to copy it into 7 Days to Die’s worlds folder, usually: “%appdata%Roaming7 Days to DieGeneratedWorlds”

7 days to die KingGen additional screenshot 2


  • The generated worlds are beautiful, with natural landscapes and large cities.
  • The generation is faster than vanilla, even on old machines.
  • Biomes are randomly placed, no repetitiveness.
  • Deserts and snow never touch.
  • KingGen is purely noise based, no stamps are used. This means that no two lakes look the same, nor two mountains.
  • Custom POIs are supported.
  • Custom heightmaps are supported.
  • Custom biome maps are supported.

7 days to die KingGen additional screenshot 3

7 days to die KingGen additional screenshot 4

Download Windows
Download Linux

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: KingSlayerGM

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20 thoughts on “KingGen

  1. where can i find the latest compopack for kinggen? i have visited the magolis site but there is only a compopacl complete which does not have a list for kinggen to import.

  2. Having a time generating worlds with the update.
    Lots of numbers show then the line says Exception: Cannot find default hubs

  3. Simply fabulous, the best tool to generate random worlds, congratulations developer, you are a genius

  4. How do I add my own custom prefabs that I’ve made. Not the combo pack so how do I create the file thats needed in custom prefab part?

  5. Cool, with this tool I can make a maps that are 1 big city and in a burn forest or wasteland only biome! Scary!

  6. can u add a map border biome button or very flat map or add instead vanilla prefablist_CompoPack_47 ? thank you.

    1. CompoPack is supported! Just download the newest version of CompoPack for KingGen and use the prefabs list thei provide

  7. Yes, KingGen is faster and uses less RAM. Also KingGen is noise-based, which means that everything is always different and new. Nitrogen is stamp-based, which means that it uses the same mountains, cliffs and rivers multiple times (just rotated and scaled).

  8. I can’t find the link to the support links/discord.

    We were only able to generate snow biomes in spite of setting up others.

  9. And… works with Ravenhearst
    You only have to scan your Prefab Folder and generate a new List. Than you can generate a Map for Ravenhearst and you also have the Tier 5 POI’s with radiation. I test it with 16k ….it works

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