7 days to die KingGen, 7 days to die biomes, 7 days to die maps

Random World Generation for 7 Days to Die. Generate beautiful and unique worlds for 7 Days to Die. Customize your worlds! Faster than vanilla!

7 days to die KingGen additional screenshot 1


  • Download KingGen.
  • Run it.
  • Choose your preferences and click “Generate world”.
  • KingGen will create a folder containing the world. You have to copy it into 7 Days to Die’s worlds folder, usually: “%appdata%Roaming7 Days to DieGeneratedWorlds”

7 days to die KingGen additional screenshot 2


  • The generated worlds are beautiful, with natural landscapes and large cities.
  • The generation is faster than vanilla, even on old machines.
  • Biomes are randomly placed, no repetitiveness.
  • Deserts and snow never touch.
  • KingGen is purely noise based, no stamps are used. This means that no two lakes look the same, nor two mountains.
  • Custom POIs are supported.
  • Custom heightmaps are supported.
  • Custom biome maps are supported.

7 days to die KingGen additional screenshot 3

7 days to die KingGen additional screenshot 4

Download Windows
Download Linux

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: KingSlayerGM

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19 thoughts on “KingGen

  1. And… works with Ravenhearst
    You only have to scan your Prefab Folder and generate a new List. Than you can generate a Map for Ravenhearst and you also have the Tier 5 POI’s with radiation. I test it with 16k ….it works

  2. I can’t find the link to the support links/discord.

    We were only able to generate snow biomes in spite of setting up others.

  3. Yes, KingGen is faster and uses less RAM. Also KingGen is noise-based, which means that everything is always different and new. Nitrogen is stamp-based, which means that it uses the same mountains, cliffs and rivers multiple times (just rotated and scaled).

  4. can u add a map border biome button or very flat map or add instead vanilla prefablist_CompoPack_47 ? thank you.

    1. CompoPack is supported! Just download the newest version of CompoPack for KingGen and use the prefabs list thei provide

  5. Cool, with this tool I can make a maps that are 1 big city and in a burn forest or wasteland only biome! Scary!

  6. How do I add my own custom prefabs that I’ve made. Not the combo pack so how do I create the file thats needed in custom prefab part?

  7. Simply fabulous, the best tool to generate random worlds, congratulations developer, you are a genius

  8. Having a time generating worlds with the update.
    Lots of numbers show then the line says Exception: Cannot find default hubs

  9. where can i find the latest compopack for kinggen? i have visited the magolis site but there is only a compopacl complete which does not have a list for kinggen to import.

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