Valmar’s Starter Class System (Tristam Edition)

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Will not work without Tactical Action. Tristam’s own version of a classic mod that kept him in the game for a long, long time. This version is very unbalanced, purposely. But it is fun, and made to work with increased spawn rates, custom zombies, or some other difficulty increase. You will start with a Class Key and a Clipboard. Check the Clipboard’s recipes to see the classes and craft one. You will get matching briefcase/backpack to place on the ground. Equip the Class Key on your toolbar and then use it to left click the Class Backpack. It will unlock, and you can get your gear, and enough supplies to handle the starter quest as well.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Tristam, Valmar

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3 thoughts on “Valmar’s Starter Class System (Tristam Edition)

  1. What happened to Assassin and Terrorist class? Progression is also gone? It was cool in A19 to have a class and leveled up with the class quests and earn skill points for the class, I see that there is no class quests or progression anymore.

  2. al poner la mochila en el suelo y dar clic izquierdo para desbloquear , desbloquea pero la mochila queda bugueada

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