7 days to die mm-craftsix, 7 days to die armor mods, 7 days to die tools, 7 days to die weapons

Simple modlet that allows crafting of level 6 devices. It works for tools, weapons and armour. The armour is a bit weird because you jump from level 4 straight to level 6 because there is no fifth skill level of those perks. It works, but maybe not optimally. Maybe in the future I will expand this to add a fifth level to the armour perks so that it can scale a bit more smoothly. For now it works and I’m not going to sweat it.

Oh, the reason I wrote this is because it was ticking me off that my level 100+ character still hadn’t found a level 6 sniper rifle yet. Not cool.


Credits: ModMangler, Flexible Games (modding video)

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