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In April 2020, Snufkin shared Snufkin’s Server Side WeaponS with the community for A18. He mentioned the influence came from a Borderlands type setup where players are treasure hunters.

In A19 and A20, the community was able to update and expand to the Snufkin Weapons Xpansion with a variety of additional weapons while retaining the originals. These weapons were/are pretty experimental and use only existing 7 Days assets to ensure they remain Server Side Only. With each update, change has been required with replacements where deprecated assets have been totally removed. A21 sees a lot of removal and this tentative first release reflects that. This pack currently contains the following:

12 Weapons

Melee Weapons

  • Thor’s Hammer (Snufkin with A21 updates by arramus)
  • Brainsaw (arramus)
  • Polearm (Snufkin with A21 updates by arramus)
  • Vampire Gauntlets (Snufkin with A21 updates by arramus)

Close to Mid Ranged Weapons

  • PP-19 Bizon (Snufkin with A21 updates by arramus)
  • Kronos XII (Snufkin with A21 updates by arramus)
  • Newcomen (Snufkin with A21 updates by arramus)
  • Quad Shotgun (Snufkin with A21 updates by arramus)

Long Ranged Weapons

  • Savery (Snufkin with A21 updates by arramus)
  • DCLXVI Zeus (Oakraven with A21 updates by arramus)
  • Black Widow (Oakraven with A21 updates by arramus)
  • Vulcan (Snufkin with A21 updates by arramus)

Some of these weapons have required some intensive care to get them in some kind of working order. The removal of decorative attachments has seen replacements and overhauls. For example, the Kronos now uses the Auto Shotgun Model as base. The PP-19 Bizon had to be switched to the SMG since the MP5 has gone. This was a similar measure that the Savery saw in A20.

There remains a LOT left to do if other weapons are to be resurrected. In some cases, it is necessary to start all over again, but still incorporate the remnants of what made them special. This will require community input as it’s a rather large undertaking.

Loot Box

In addition to these weapons, the Loot Box has gone from Add On to being bundled directly in the Mod. The Loot Box can be crafted on the Workbench and does not require unlocking.

Collect Green, Yellow, Red, or Purple Tickets and use them on the Loot Box to get a Loot Box Container with a weapon. Craft 10 Green into 1 Yellow Ticket, and so on to get those higher Tier opportunities. Other than that feature from the beginning, it works a little differently now. In the past, players could only get what were considered to be higher Tiered weapons if they had a Red or Purple Ticket from the Green, Yellow, Red, and Purple hierarchy. That now changes. For example, a Green Ticket has a higher probability to get something considered lower Tier such as Thor’s Hammer. However, there is still a slim chance to pick up a higher Tiered weapon with reducing chance as the Tier increases. In contrast, and as a trade off, the opposite applies for the Purple Ticket. You have a very strong chance to get the highest Tiered Weapon, but there is also a chance it may not work out for you on that occasion. ^^

The ratios for what was traditionally considered ‘Low – Medium – High’ Tier Weapons from the Loot Box Tickets are currently:

  • Green – 80% Low / 16% Medium / 4% High
  • Yellow – 60% Low / 30% Medium / 10% High
  • Red – 10% Low / 50% Medium / 40% High
  • Purple – 4% Low / 16% Medium / 80% High

It looks a bit like that:

7 days to die a21 server side weapons additional screenshot 8

There is no exact balance on what can be considered ‘Low – Medium – High’ Tier Weapons as there is overlap and subjectivity. A traditional consensus considers stopping power, special features, capacity, player risk. But there are also economic considerations such as maintenance requirements, ammunition drain, learning curve, and traits.

However, for the purpose of some kind of explanation:

The Kronos is a High Tier Weapon and will have a better chance to be found with Red and Purple Tickets. It is a High Tier Weapon because of its 30 Shotgun Shell Drum, High Rate of Fire, Special Weapon Feature when eliminating 20 entities. Other weapons in this Tier are considered to be Brainsaw, Vampire Gauntlets, and Polearm.

The Savery is a Medium Tier Weapon and will have a better chance to be found with Yellow and Red Tickets. It is a Medium Tier Weapon because of its 12 Round Capacity, Good Range, and Good Damage. It has no Special Weapon Feature. Other weapons in this Tier are considered to be PP-19 Bizon, Newcomen, and Quad Shotgun.

Thor’s Hammer is a Low Tier Weapon and will have a better chance to be found with Green and Yellow Tickets. It is a Low Tier Weapon because it requires being in Very Close Proximity, Requires Stamina, and Relatively Slow Hits Per Minute. It is still a devastating weapon when used in one on one situations and will be hard to be bettered for its best case use. It does accept the Repulsor Mod and Candy for additional destruction. Other weapons in this Tier are considered to be Vulcan, Black Widow, and Zeus DCLXVI.

Again, these descriptions and evaluations are relative and subjective. Find something that suits your style and you’ll be comfortably meeting your preferences regardless.

Loot weightings and balance will take time but these 12 weapons are good for now and no more updates will be required beyond bug checking and clear imbalances.

Opening 20 Green Loot Boxes shows that most will return what is considered a lower Tier Weapons… but not always.

7 days to die a21 server side weapons additional screenshot 1

Crafting Tier and Quality

Players can craft all weapons on the Workbench to Quality Tier 6. However, this will be from the final 6 levels for its crafting magazine. Feel free to edit the levels for your own preference in the progression.xml file.

The Loot Box will rarely drop a Quality Tier 1 weapon. There is a much greater weighting on Quality Tier 4 – 6. This reflects the time and effort players put in to looting Tickets.

Loot will contain from Quality Tier 1 to 6 based on luck. There is no difference in chance.

In summary:

  • Craft to Quality 6 but only at the very end of the crafting skills level
  • Loot Box with greater weighting on Quality 4 – 6
  • Looting weapons directly is very random


Weapons and Tickets can be found in a loot that can be considered higher end.

For example, Tickets can be found in:

Zombie Loot Bags for Boss, Strong, and Regular types. Higher Tier Tickets are found in the most difficult entities. This encourages installing the A21 Server Side Zombies, and is something Snufkin considered when making the entities, weapons, and vehicles as a package.

Safes and ATMs. Tickets can be found in these secure locations with a weighting on lower Tier Tickets to match the collection and upgrading features of converting 10 Green into 1 Yellow Ticket, and so on.

Weapons can be found in:

Safes and Buried Treasure. Weapons are found with a weighting on lower Tier to ensure players aren’t flooded with high end goods too quickly.

Helmet Mod Additions

A feature kindly added by Oakraven was the Mod Hats that could be attached to Helmets in the Dye Slot. These have all returned expect for the speaker hat since it no longer has a purpose. There is one ‘bug’ in that the large bag that increases inventory will not remove from the player. This bug carries over from A20 and the buff to remove it is simply non functional in the way it works for everything else.

A few images to demonstrate:

Thor’s Hammer already gives a shock but can also accept the Repulsor Mod

7 days to die a21 server side weapons additional screenshot 2

Charge the Zeus to full capacity to benefit from its potency. It will have longer range and much greater stopping power. The trade off is costly ammo.

7 days to die a21 server side weapons additional screenshot 3

Eliminate 20 entities and then use the ‘F’ key to enter advanced mode for a limited time as a reward. In this mode you will have closer crosshairs, and shooting speed… as if this weapon needed it. It is much more comparable to the Auto Shotgun for A21 as it was rather beastly in the past. It may still need a tweak here and there.

7 days to die a21 server side weapons additional screenshot 4

The Savery was a Winchester/Revolver Rifle before the Lever Action arrived but is still incredibly viable. It has twin chambers for 12 shots.

7 days to die a21 server side weapons additional screenshot 5

A little damned cabin in the woods with possibly a shotgun and this. It has decent one on one potential and will go straight through the tree and the zombie bashing at it from behind. It can decapitate quite nicely and will have players seeing red. A21 decapitations are something special.

7 days to die a21 server side weapons additional screenshot 6

Adventures await… ^^

7 days to die a21 server side weapons additional screenshot 7

This is a Server Side Only Mod and it is not necessary for players who join your server to install it.


Pushed a small update for the Railguns Mod.

It has been given its very own standalone loot group. The loot contains the chance to find:

  • A Railgun
  • Railgun ammo
  • Rifle Crafting Skills Magazines (to get you closer to crafting your own)

This loot can be found in special places like safes and treasure chests.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: arramus, Snufkin, Oakraven

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19 thoughts on “A21 Server Side Weapons

  1. Строка 1065: 2023-08-05T00:22:42 42.526 WRN Type:RequirementItemTier, Assembly-CSharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null is missing the UnityEngine.Scripting.Preserve attribute, this will fail on consoles

  2. For some reason the loot box stopped working for us and tickets stopped working we are running many other mods but it was working before recent update

    1. Updates can be really troublesome. If one of the many other mods is not loading properly, it is possible some blocks or items have had their ID numbers changed. The log will show if something is bringing up a loading error. The chances are the update it won’t just be the Loot Box and Tickets but things in other mods as well that may have issues.

    1. The Railgun has been added to its very own unique loot group in an update to separate it from the Server Side Weapons. It was an oversight and should be good again. It will have a chance to appear in safes and other special places like that. The same group contains some Railgun ammo and Rifle Skills Magazines to get closer to unlocking it for yourself. ^^

  3. If Im hosting and have this installed and invite my friend who doesnt, will it work for him still like most mods or will he have to install it too like some more advanced ones

    1. This is a Server Side Only mod, and people joining you will not be required to have the mod installed. This is because all of the assets already exist within the game and they only need to receive the settings, just like when a server changes day length.

  4. Guys I cant craft some weapons, they dont be in my craft list, they are black widow, vampire gauntlets and vulkan, I tried to locate them in creative mode but I cant too

  5. This mod is really great, I’ve noticed a minor bug with wearing the cosmetic helmets though – if you’re a passenger and you have the rabbit skin that sits on your shoulder, it will cause the vehicle to fly all over the place as it is thinking that you are constantly colliding with the entity on your shoulder (also the backpack skin doesn’t come off when un-equipping but this could just be client side and is fixed after relogging)

    1. Hi J. The backpack issue is a known one and mentioned in the forum description. It explains how there is a bug in the regular game which doesn’t allow the backpack to receive a buff to remove it. We shall add it to the description for the mod as well so players will know what to expect (if they read it).

      We’ll also add a warning about the rabbit on the shoulder in the forum and in the mod description for passengers. We saw this in the Wild West Mod with a passenger in the balloon and it was on a dedicated server. We’ll see if we can find a static version of the rabbit, if it exists so it doesn’t animate. If not, the warning will be about the best that can be done.

    1. We can trade tickets on a 1 to 1 ratio with 1 ticket for 1 loot box of the same colouration. 1 Green Ticket = 1 Green Loot Box, 1 Red Ticket = 1 Red Loot Box. However, we can craft 10 Green Tickets into 1 Yellow, 10 Yellow into 1 Red, and 10 Red into 1 Purple for better higher tier weapon chances. The chance of finding a Purple Ticket in loot is much lower than finding a Green Ticket. This mod is currently in development stage as the loot system changes with each Alpha. The chances for tickets and weapons to appear in loot will change based on feedback and testing over time as Games Stage, mods that impact zombie loot bag drops, loot %, and so on can have an impact on the amount of Tickets that appear.

  6. Never mind, I read up there where you have to loot higher ones, guess I’m lucky and can make a #2 lol

    1. You can make up to 6 now, although it will require a fair number of books. It easy enough to change that in the progression.xml file.

    1. Correct. The description mentions crafting to Quality 1. It also mentions the Loot Box allows up to Quality 6. Looting also allows up to Quality 6. Quality 1 on the Workbench is just a taster to allow players to experience the weapon before finding it.

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