7 days to die zombiedayz, 7 days to die farming

We have revised the mod again and it is now available for A19.4 Stable. This is a mod with the best mods see listing.

Offers fun with homemade cards and lots of new buildings. So choose the cards.

We also offer our own farming mod where you can breed animals.

There are new workbenches thanks to Lichti.

You can choose the difficulty yourself, I recommend the maximum.

Thanks go to the modders who support us and also allow us to use their mod.

Many thanks to:

  • Bdubyah
  • Guppycur
  • Gyancher2
  • JaxTeller718
  • Khaine
  • Robeloto
  • ShoudenKalferas
  • Sirillon
  • Snufkin
  • Stallionsden (Valmar)
  • Stasis
  • Telric
  • Wolfbain5
  • Xyth
  • Lichti
  • Sechsterversuch
  • Renevandoll

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything here.

It is important that you pay attention to which you are downloading because we have 2 downloads.

Client for the local game and server for the operator. The 1 link is for client the 2 for server.

Download Client Files
Download Server Files

If you appreciate Sechsterversuch’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Sechsterversuch

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8 thoughts on “Zombiedayz

    1. You make a copy of 7 Days to die and download the mod. Unzip it and paste it into the folder. You can find a description on the website or in our Discord

  1. Where is description? Who uploads mods like that? Am i supposed to guess what this mod does or what?

  2. Hi, will there be an update to A19.5 in the near future? I have a paid server and can’t modify the mod to A19.4.

  3. I’m using my computer as a server for my hubs and I to play. Should I have downloaded the Server version?

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