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The time has come for our Zombiedayz Mod to be stable on A20.2 and can also be used for A20/A20.1./A20.2.

It has become a little different and offers players a lot of fun and entertainment.

Thanks to the new zombies, many new decorative items that make building more beautiful, also many new workbenches that make crafting much easier for you. But farming should also help you to make life much better. We put a lot of work into the mod and we hope you enjoy it.

Please keep in mind, the mod is not 100% finished yet and there could still be some bugs, which we are gradually fixing. This is the first own mod where we hardly have any mods from other modders. Of course we got a lot of help from the other modders, without them it would never have been possible. But we’re getting better and better and we’re doing our best.

You can download the mod via this link, it is local and at the same time intended for the server. We also offer you a large 10K map that you can use under World. We keep working on this mod and hope to bring you another update soon.

7 days to die zombiedayz additional screenshot 1

7 days to die zombiedayz additional screenshot 2

7 days to die zombiedayz additional screenshot 3

7 days to die zombiedayz additional screenshot 4


If you appreciate Sechsterversuch’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Sechsterversuch

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23 thoughts on “Zombiedayz

  1. You updated to 19.5, you took the horses out and the Rvd map is way different. What happen to all the unique poi’s? Honestly the map sucks now.

  2. I’m using my computer as a server for my hubs and I to play. Should I have downloaded the Server version?

  3. Hi, will there be an update to A19.5 in the near future? I have a paid server and can’t modify the mod to A19.4.

  4. Where is description? Who uploads mods like that? Am i supposed to guess what this mod does or what?

    1. You make a copy of 7 Days to die and download the mod. Unzip it and paste it into the folder. You can find a description on the website or in our Discord

    2. Man, I have played your mod and it is very entertaining. But there are many places it used to get stick and start throwing console errors.

      Kindly write a few lines and describe something about the mod.
      Also if you can give us the changelog, we will appreciate it.

      These things are essential as there isn’t any forum link also.

      Thank you.

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