Parts Crafting A20 v1.3

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Hello folks. Here I bring you a mod that allows for crafting of parts! This gives you the ability to craft parts that you would normally need to scrap weapons and tools for or buy. And this is not just limited to parts by itself, as I have added the ability to craft solar cells and solar banks as well. Feel free to protect generate as much electricity as you need now, so I do hope this helps you folks be able to use this to your advantage. Enjoy y’all, Leviathan_0ne, out!

7 days to die parts crafting a20 additional screenshot


Credits: Leviathan_0ne

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5 thoughts on “Parts Crafting A20 v1.3

  1. Is there a skill tree to allow crafting of higher tier solar cells? just that level 1 solar cells arent all that useful, thank you!

  2. Your beaker recipe doesn’t work, I’m not a modder but with 3 small changes to lines 126-129 it’s fixed for me.

    It needs material_based=”true” added and ingredients are unit_glass and unit_clay

    Before it showed ingredients as 0 and couldn’t be crafted.

    1. I thought I had fixed this, my bad. I think I accidentally uploaded the wrong file, let me see if I can fix that.

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