Unforgiven774’s Alpha 20 Modlets

7 days to die unforgiven774's alpha 20 modlets, 7 days to die mining, 7 days to die animals, 7 days to die recipes,7 days to die weapons,7 days to die ammo

These modlets were specific for Survive enter at your own risk in alpha 19 I’ve done some updates to the mods This is a Current version of modlets I will be updating Them As Needed

  • Unforgivens Brass From Iron = Adds Brass from iron Upon completion of Mining books
  • Unforgivens Dangerous Animals = Adds some dangerous animals To your game
  • Unforgivens ELVIS legs = Modifies debuffs And if you get too many you will rag doll
  • Unforgivens Recipe edits = Modfies Different Recipes To make certain items cheaper
  • Unforgivens roaming hordes = Adds Unforgivens Animals late game
  • Unforgivens Rocket Launcher Removal = Disables rocket launchers and TNT (Mostly for Servers)
  • Unforgivens T3 items Slot mod = Gives Top tier items a random roll of 0-6 slots


Credits: Unforgiven774, Max Fox Gaming, KhaineGB

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